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Şişli - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°03'16.7"N 28°59'04.3"E / 41.054639, 28.984528


Founded in 1886, Saint Michel French High School has a rich history, soon celebrating its 125th year in September 2011. In September 1886, the founders established an institution that provided part time education at Beyoğlu Pera, near Galatasaray High School and named it Saint-Michel.

The efforts to achieve an equivalent level of education with the schools in France, particularly in terms of literature, science and business, made Saint Michel an ideal institution for families with youth being considered for future placement in government agencies, or having interest in business and industry. In 1936, Saint-Michel College was moved to a more quiet neighborhood, Feriköy where the primary school building was located. Consequently, the current Saint-Michel High School was formed following the union of Saint-Michel College with the primary school.

 Saint-Michel French High School became the first mixed high school among the French schools in Turkey by accepting girl students. Saint-Michel belongs to an association of schools applying Lasallian philosophy, originating in France in 1680 with multiple institutions across the world today. Saint-Joseph High Schools in İstanbul and İzmir (Turkey) also belong to this association.

Compotency In Two Foreign Languages (French And English)
The importance of high school education is linearly proportional to its effect on university and occupational life. A young adult starting university and then professional life with compotency in two foreign languages will have greater advantage over his/her peers who don’t know any foreign languages. All students educated in our high school are competent both in French and English at the time of their graduation.

Opportunity Of Higher Education Abroad Equivalent With French Bachelor's Degree
An equivalent graduate standard with French bachelor’s degree provides an opportunity for direct application to public universities in France and Europe for Saint Michel High School graduates. This opportunity for having education abroad is a great advantage for our students.

Additionally, Saint Michel French High School was ranked as the 4th best high school in Istanbul by achieving a success rate of 94% in the university entrance exams, according to the 2009-2010 İstanbul public education data.

Educational Philosophy, One-To-One Communication
The campus of Saint-Michel High school is located in Şişli, the heart of İstanbul. The school is in 3 minutes walking distance from Osmanbey Metro Station and provides excellent instructor to student ratios with class sizes varying from 6 to 28 students. Thus, students and expert educators who have an opportunity to observe student advancement closely, feel safe in this family-like environment enabled by the institution’s educational philosophy.

The High School has complete facilities including, a mediatheque (modern library and videotheque) equipped with current technologies, 170 seat capacity theater, Jeanne D`Arc Gallery and Music Hall, laboratories, a cafeteria, a soccer field and basketball court. Additionally, the classes are equipped with a shared wi-fi network, a computer with internet access and video projection.

Popular Location Of Cultural And Art Activities
Jeanne D`Arc Hall, which was opened in celebration of the school`s 125th anniversary, is one of the multi-purpose halls with some of the best acoustics in İstanbul. This famous hall having a unique and beautiful design and decorated with colorful stained glass, provides a rich cultural-arts calendar every year with classical music concerts, artistic displays of ceramic, painting and sculpture, as well as other themed exhibitions. The exhibitions, concerts and presentations organized at the hall offers an opportunity for students and graduates of Saint Michel to meet with influential artists, scientists, investigators and academics.

Wide Range Of Activities From Chess To Ceramics
Saint Michel, hosting international chess tournaments, has a robust tradition of chess consistent with this goal. Ceramic furnace known with ceramic and environmental exhibitions in province also provides technical opportunities to students at a professional level. Saint Michel hosts performances of respected high schools of Turkey in fields of performance arts, music, plastic arts and cinema through “Traditional Art Festival of Saint Michel” at the end of May every year. Cultural Tours and International Exchange Programs help the students to have a broad vision of the world by introducing them various cultures.

Alumni Association
Students graduated from Saint Michel High School have a strong association in which they can benefit from their seniors` experiences and feel their support. Alumni Association organizes great meetings at the historical yard of Saint-Michel twice a year, as well as gathers the graduates together at “Mardi Michel” organizations on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

The graduates have the opportunity to know successful graduates of the same period by being informed of the changes regarding the community through the quarterly published journal “Le Soleil”. In addition, the annual Career Days aims to introduce qualified known graduates to the students of Saint Michel.


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