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Asmalı Mescit, Beyoğlu - Istanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'44.9"N 28°58'23.4"E / 41.029139, 28.973167


Adahan Istanbul is constructed 1874 in Galata-Pera which was the trade and banking center of Istanbul at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The building was designed by Stampa Brothers and Antoine Tedeschi in 1874. Housed in a charmingly restored 19th century building (built by the famous Turkish Jewish family Camondo as an office quarter) in the very heart of the historic and chic Galata district.

Adahan building used to be in the 19th century the town mansion of Camondo, a famous Jewish family with a tragic destiny. Comte Moïse de Camondo was born in Istanbul in 1860 into a Sepharadic Jewish family that owned one of the largest banks in the Ottoman Empire and established in France since 1869. When World War I broke out, Nissim, the son of Moise was killed in an air battle in 1917.

After this tragic loss, he decided to bedqueath his property in France to the "Arts Decoratifs", in memory of his son. A museum opened in the the year after Moïse de Camondo died, in 1935. During World War II, his daughter, Béatrice, his son-of-law Léon Reinach and their children, Fanny and Bertrand, died in the nazi camps. The Camondo family died out.


The restoration in the building lasted five years and was carried out abiding by the original plans, and 47 units were created with different styles and surface areas. In this building, which has been used for different purposes over the years, the "hand carved decorations" which were covered under paint have been preserved as much as possible during the restoration, which contributes to the final decoration of the building.

Adahan Istanbul Hotel opened in 2013. Adahan Istanbul's unique interior design reflecting its "respect for the natural and the pure" continues in the building's public areas such as the parlor floor, meeting rooms, and the lounges.

Adahan Istanbul embodies several meeting rooms, lounges, brick walled basement which can be used for special events and a spacious roof terrace with an amazing view of the historical peninsula of the city where breakfast is served. The hotel also has a historical cellar where private events such as classical music performances can be held.

Cachi Restaurant & Bar on the fifth floor of Adahan Istanbul, with a view of the historical peninsula, has a large terrace and high ceilings which embraces Istanbul. They serve you the local delights with different presentations.


Adahan collects rainwater which is cleaned and used in the septic system. For a final peek into the history of this amazing building, you could see into the well which is still in use today. The exact history of the structure under Adahan is unknown, but to my admittedly inexpert eyes it looks Byzantine. Well-preserved, the brickwork, arched doorways, windows, and the space itself are intact. The space is quite large and impeccably maintained and is sometimes used for events and art shows.


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Karaköy, Beyoğlu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'25.4"N 28°58'36.9"E / 41.023722, 28.976917


The Haze Karaköy is an amalgamation of space between Karaköy’s Keçeli Han, previously utilized as a bakery, and the adjacent historic 1930’s Bobbin Factory, a prime example of Neoclassical ferro-concrete architecture with its distinctive 4.60 m high ceilings.


This stove has been regenerated as “Forneria” which means “the stove” in Portuguese. On the other hand, the building which was used as a bobbin factory has the windowsills and vertical molding between the windows would indicate an Art Deco effect, as well as a reinforcement of perpendicular proportions associated with this.

In addition, the uniformity of the structure, and balcony above the ground floor would indicate a common feature of the period an “esoteric balcony”, as well as the obvious use of a cornice to emphasize the entrance to the building. In conclusion, the structure is an architectural example of a Neoclassical style ferro concrete edifice.

Located in Karaköy’s centre, right beside the harbour and straddling Necatibey and Maliye streets, each with 18 metre high facades, the building, with its 44 rooms and Private Terrace Penthouse Suite with Bosphorus and Golden Horn view also Private Terrace Penhouse Suites with Galata Tower view , is destined to make a lasting impression as it opens its doors.


Economy Room, Double Rooms, Deluxe Room, Superior Room, Family Room, Superior King Room, Executive King Room, Executive Queen Room, Penthouse Suite with Bosphorus and Golden Horn View, Penthouse Suite with Galata Tower View


Business Centre, Room Service, Breakfast Service, Dry Cleaning, Panoramic Istanbul Tour, Conference Room, Complimentary Shoe Shining Service


Forneria, adding Turkish-inspired touches to its menu of classic Mediterranean tastes, is opening a new and exciting page in Karaköy’s fast-developing world of gastronomy. Aside from the set ‘A la Carte’ menu, there are daily lunchtime specials, reflecting Forneria cuisine’s diversity, including new versions of traditional Turkish flavours.

For those living, working and, of course, visiting Karaköy, the morning service begins with traditional, daily fresh and totally organic flavours such as special homemade preserves, fresh daily clotted cream, Bodrum olives, and Afyon spicy sausage, and every lunchtime a choice of dishes are on offer for customers’ culinary delight.

With the dictionary meaning of ”dishes from the oven”, Forneria’s originality lies in its stone oven baked pizzas and delicious dishes slow-cooked in individual small pots. From seafood to whole wheat, there is an endless choice of pizza varieties at Forneria, and its signature dish of beer stew slow-cooked in miniature pots is not to be missed.


Located on the roof terrace, the hotel’s restaurant Mükellef Karakoy offers an open buffet breakfast and a rich menu of unique tastes with an award-winning chef. You can also enjoy snacks and cocktails from the bar.


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Beyoğlu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'02.0"N 28°58'44.6"E / 41.033889, 28.979056


The construction of the building completed in three years between 1898 - 1901. According to the researches; the building was in use of the Serbian Consulate. Designed by prolific Ottoman-Armenian architect Hovsep Aznavur in 1901, the recently restored building has now been classified a historical monument.

In reference to the tax rolls obtained from the General Directorate of State Archives, the name of the building was "the Nile Apartments". The building was designed by the famous architect Hosvep Aznavur. When we check into the other works of the family, we find out that architect Aznavur also designed Abbas Halim Paşa Mansion (today’s Mısır Apartments), Abbas Halim Paşa Chalet in Heybeliada, the seaside residence of Princess Rukiye in Kanlıca and Helvan Palace belonging to Abbas Halim Paşa in Egypt.


The Public Hotel which is one of the rare historic buildings of Beyoglu, offers you 52 high-ceiled guestrooms of which 21 were decorated in neoclassic and art nouveau styles and a spacey courtyard. The Public Hotel is located in the very heart of Istanbul’s most popular and dynamical boulevard, Istiklal Avenue where inholds matchless cultural richnesses, an ever-vibrant nightlife, colorful and numerous alternatives of recreation and entertainment.

The Public Hotel is the typical example of the late 19th century Istanbul architecture. The restoration of the building which is a first-degree historical monument, was carried out under the supervision of an advisory committee consisting of experts in their subject and academicians especially leagued together for this project in conjunction with the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board by showing regard to some significant points such as structural reinforcement, load-bearing system security, scientific preservation and restitution, fire safety, architectural history and geotechnical evaluations.

In the course of restoration works, the insertions and fittings of poor quality such as plaster, paint etc. which did not exist in the original architecture of The Public Hotel, were all cleared away and the building was rehabilitated back into its initial form which reflects the authentic architecture of its period. The opening glass roof upon the courtyard at the top of the building was another important constituent of the renovation works. This system enables the lobby floor and some of the guest rooms to receive sunlight directly. The aforementioned courtyard was specially designed considering the today’s hotel guest portfolio.

King Suite, Senior Suite, Junior Suite, Terrace Suite Sea View, Deluxe King Sea View, Deluxe King Room, Deluxe Twin Room, Luxury Room

Guestroom floors are covered with natural solid wood parquets. Heating and cooling in the rooms is provided via the ventilation system (VRV). Especially for the guests who are uncomfortable with dry air, there are nostalgic radiators in the rooms in addition to the heating system. Furthermore, there is floor heating system in the bathrooms.

As you can see the characteristics of the 19th Century architechture in all of our high-ceiled guestrooms, the historical structure was brought into comformity with today’s technology by using all the hi-tech appliances and equipments to make life easier and answer the needs of our guests.

The Public has a specially landscaped courtyard where you can relax or enjoy reading while sipping your drinks with the pleasure of the hotel’s splendid custom-production fragrance in the midst of embellishing live plants under the ravishing sky and the bright lights of the sun at all hours of the day.

The courtyard, landscaped with live plants and appealing to the guests who yearn for the nature and naturality in the urban life, is a place that will make you forget your physical and mental fatigue. This area is completely decorated with natural plants. The courtyard, up to our mission, was designed with wall coverings and sitting groups, considering the seasonal changes and flowering of plants, their growing behaviours, characteristics and combinations in the sense of Xeriscape landscape which minimizes the water consumption.

The Public has a specially landscaped courtyard and a lobby bar where you can enjoy a beautiful ambience while sipping a drink you would choose from our bar menu enriched with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, numerious cocktail options and world class coffee flavours, under the ravishing sky and the bright lights of the sun or the hanging chandeliers.

The Lobby Lounge where you can find a rich variety of Turkish and the World cuisine, numerous alternatives of alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails as well as a broad array of coffee made with freshly-grinded beans together with an exclusive notion of service, is not only a place for the hotel guests but also a high-class venue favoured by walk-in visitors. The Lobby Lounge ensures pleasant time for our valued guests by favour of the glamorous atmosphere composed by the historical texture of the structure.


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