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Galata, Beyoğlu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'43.4"N 28°58'23.3"E / 41.028708, 28.973148


The beautiful building of Galata Antique Hotel Istanbul was originally built as the winter residence of the french levantine family Décugis. It was built in 1881, one of the oldest stone buildings in Taksim & Pera area build as a mansion. Monseiur Henri Hypollite Décugis lived here more than 60 years together with his family. He was levatine French businessman - an interesting and well known character in Pera.

His shop ''Constantinople-Pera'' was in Grand Rue de Pera (now the Istiklal Avenue) at the first floor of the Botter Apartment, which also one of the most beautiful examples of the art nouveau style buildings in Istanbul. He was selling valuable antiques, porcelains and crystals. He was supposed to be a master in his business and was well known about his business ethics and honesty.

His fine porcelains, Christofle silver spoons, knifes and forks, crystal chandeliers were used in the finest places in that time, such as Dolmabahce Palace, Pera Palace Hotel, Markiz Pattiserie. After the death of his wife, he spent his life in the mansion and shut down all the covers of the windows of the mansion as an expression of his mourning. M. Décugis died in 1942 and his grave is in Feriköy Catholic Cemetery in Istanbul.

Alexandre Vallaury, the talented and remarkable architect of Maison de Decugis. There are some speculations about his nationality but he was supposedly known as French. He was born in Istanbul in 1850 as a son of levantine family. He studied architecture at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He was awarded with the French order Légion d'honneur together with many other medals and awards from the French and Ottoman governments.

The mansions of the most prominent families were on Tepebaşı and Pera , and the architecture of these buildings were one of the most important part in developing the characteristics of the Taksim, Pera and Galata region in Istanbul. In his approach to architecture, he also used a synthesis of Islam-Ottoman and Neo-Classic styles in the broad sweep of which there was great variety.

In some of his designs he used Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Ottoman elements togther with occasional use of motifs from an International Oriental style. In particular, in some buildings he undertook in a Neo-Ottoman style he used details from New Baroque, indeed, even from Art Nouveau. He had constructed many beautiful monuments in Istanbul.

Alexandre Vallaury was the talented and remarkable architect who designed the Décugis mansion. Some uncertainties remain concerning his nationality but it is believed he was French. Born in 1850 in Istanbul, Vallaury was born in a Levantine family. He studied architecture at the school of Fine Arts in Paris, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. He received many awards for his work from both the French and Ottoman governments including the prestigious French Légion d’Honneur.

Maison de Decugis was built in the early 19th century in Pera (former name of Beyoğlu) as a mansion for a French levantine family "Décugis".  Neo- Renaissance style mansion is constructed by the talented architect Alexander Vallaury.


Galata Antique Hotel, 5 storey building consists of 22 guest rooms and a roof top terrace where the breakfast is served. Galata Antique Hotel Istanbul is conveniently located in Istanbul's one of the famous bohemian quarters Tunel (Tünel Meydanı). Istanbul's best restaurants, bars, cafes and a short stroll to everything else is in this genuine district, Beyoğlu. During the year Istiklal Street and Taksim hosts various festivals, art exhibitions, theater, opera and ballet performances in AKM. Taksim is a unique place where the art, history and culture and social life combines.

A stay in Hotel Galata Antique will be an opportune decision if you intend to discover the real Istanbul. The friendly staff and the two sister-managers of Galata Antique Hotel Istanbul always would be more than happy to assist you about the wonder around places in Istanbul and Taksim in arranging interesting places to visit, according to your personal requests, to include special sightseeing visits to museums, gardens and parks, theatres, concert halls, places for shopping and much, much more!

Located just steps away from the famous Istiklal Avenue, Galata Antique Hotel welcomes guests with its elegantly designed 22 rooms, warm hospitality and the privilege of staying in a 131 year-old Pera mansion.

Each of Galata Antique Hotel Istanbul's 22 guest rooms is elegantly designed and furnished recently. All rooms differ one from the other in style, dimensions and size. There are six types of rooms; Standard, Superior, Superior Attic, Deluxe Rooms, Junior Suite and Executive Suite.

Digital Satellite Flat Screen TV, Complimentary WIFI broadband Internet access, Double-glazed windows, Blackout curtains, Individually controlled air conditioning, A direct-dial telephone, Working desk with mirror, A combined marble bathroom with shower, Bathroom Amenities, Hairdryer, Slippers, Daily housekeeping service

All standard room amenities, Extra space, Arm chair or sofa, Non-smoking only

All standard room amenities, Nostalgic design, Wood parquet floor decorations, City view, Non-smoking only

All standard room amenities, Extra space, Corner room with three windows, City and Galata Tower views, Arm chair, Non-smoking only

All standard room amenities, Extra space, Sofa, Two twin beds, Clawfoot Bathtub, Non-smoking only

All standard room amenities, Extra space, High ceilings with decorations, King size bed, Bay window with a sofa over looking Sishane Square, Clawfoot Bathtub, Non-smoking only


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Beyoğlu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'00.2"N 28°58'51.0"E / 41.033389, 28.980833



The building was built in 1911-1913. The building was constructed by the Architect Kemaleddin Bey, one of the most distinguished architects in the history of the Ottoman and Republican era His name is still honored in our country. The building is one of the finest examples of the Neo-classical Ottoman style.

The Corinne is a wonderful conversion of an apartment block designed by Kemaleddin Bey, the moustachioed, late Ottoman-era architect featured on the back of the twenty-lira note. Behind its intriguing name there also lurks a story, that of Madame Corinne, a pianist who lived a few streets away in Sadri Alışık Sokak and was a friend of and correspondent with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

The building has a glamorous history. Designed in Neo-Classical Ottoman style by Mimar Kemaleddin, Istanbul’s most admired architect of the period, it opened in 1911 as an apartment building. Soon after, installed Italian-born, Madame Corinne Lütfü in an apartment there. Later, the building would become a film studio and, more recently, the location for the filming of Turkish TV soap operas.


Corinne Hotel is a 100-year-old building, located at the heart of Pera, on a quiet street. The boutique hotel with a historical architecture has 39 rooms, and faces the breathtaking historical peninsula, close to nightclubs, historical sights, as well as famous gourmet restaurants. The boutique hotel’s special packages include romance, weekend, luxury, and cultural services, all including something special for the occasion at hand.

With its unique location, Corinne Hotel invites you to freely discover Pera, the center of Istanbul. The Corinne Hotel has transferred the mysteries of the past to the present and staying loyal to the original structure of the building it was restored with respect for nature using ecofriendly technology. Our hotel with its interior design blending the modern with the historical past opens the doors to its 39 rooms to host guests who crave luxury and boutique service.

Classic Room, Classic Room with Jacuzzi, Deluxe Room, Studio Deluxe Room, Deluxe Room with Balcony, Corner Deluxe, Corinne Suite

Restaurant, Brasserie


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Kanlıca, Beykoz - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°06'10.4"N 29°04'00.4"E / 41.102884, 29.066789


A distinguished boutique Hotel A'jia is a traditional Ottoman mansion that jewels the Asian shores of the Bosphorus. With well appointed contemporary interior design, and its centuries old architecture the venue oozes trend and excitement. When you add the extraordinary attention to detail, individualized service and HIP aspect in the mix, hotel experiences is simply redefined.

The A'jia is located in the Asiatic part of Istanbul, on the shores of the Bosphorus, stands a renovated mansion, former residence of an Ottoman governor. Its whiteness contrasts with the intense blue of the sea over which it rests, as well as the exuberant verdant surroundings that serve as a background.

Ahmet Rasim Paşa Yalısı was built at the end of the 19th century. Although the architect of the building is not known, the ampiric style and the era it belongs to leads to the allegation that it must be the work of Balyan family.

The yalı is named after Ahmet Rasim Paşa (1826-1897). Having lived during the regency of Sultan Abdülaziz and Sultan Abdülhamid, Ahmet Rasim Paşa served various governships such as Yanya, Tuna, Trabzon, Aydın until he was appointed as Istanbul Şehremini’s mayor, police chief in 1878. Later, he was sent to the governship of Tripoli where he served for 13 years until his death in 1897.

After it was burnt down, the yalı was rebuilt in 1898 to be sold to the Istanbul Municipality by Ahmet Rasim’s family. Following the Turkish War of Independence, it functioned as the 36th elementary school of the new Turkish Republic until 1970.


In 2002 the restorations began to turn the building into a hotel. Since year 2005, A'jia Hotel has been hosting guests from all around the world in this historical mansion with its contemporary interior design.

A'jia Hotel is a boutique hotel with an impressive atmosphere, of interiors with minimalist inspiration and influences from the beginning of the 19th century, in which peace and tranquillity reign. There are 16 rooms, offering modern and luxurious design, as well as marvellous views of the Bosphorus. With its 16 rooms that feature breathtaking scenes from the Bosphorus, A'jia truly offers a private hideaway with easy access to historical and cultural attractions of the city.

Contributing to overall experience of its valued guests, each room is a delight to discover as they are uniquely designed, furnished and equipped with all the latest gimmicks and amenties belending in perfectly with the timeless elegance of the 1800's. The Ajia restaurant is an exlusive venue with a gusto that is happy duel any "gourmet" to perfection. And private events are a treat, with unique approach in offering exqusitive menus and creative ideas.

16 - room boutique hotel with luxury and modern designed rooms in an 1870's pavillion setting : 10 Deluxe Rooms; including 5 rooms with private balcony.
6 Deluxe Suites; including 3 with Mezzanine Floors.

10 of the Deluxe Rooms and all the Suites have direct view of the Bosphorus. Non-smoking rooms and one handicapped room is also available.

Deluxe Rooms
Deluxe Park Room, Waterfront Deluxe Room, Bosphorus Deluxe Room, Bosphorus Terrace Room

Mezzanine Deluxe Suite, Bosphorus Deluxe Suite, Bosphorus Pasha Room


Restaurant Outdoor, Bar Outdoor, Restaurant Indoor, A Lounge, Private Room 4, Private Room 9


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