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Beylerbeyi, Üsküdar - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'36.4"N 29°02'30.9"E / 41.043444, 29.041917


The wooden kitchen building which was constructed during the era of Sultan Mahmud II, was used as the kitchen Beylerbeyi Palace. The original structure, which demonstrates the most beautiful examples of historical Turkish architecture, was used as a primary school for a long period, but got damaged during the time that it was not properly maintained.


In 1986, the building was rebuilt by the Sabanci Foundation according to its original shape and structure and it was turned over to the Ministry of National Education, who assigned it for use by the Continuation Institute.

Our school works on research in all fields, development and archival topics in addition to the educational activities, by the purpose of survival of traditional Turkish clothing and handicrafts, and to transfer them to future generations, and also applies them on clothing, accessories, gifts and other products with original designs. It also carries out the task of promoting Turkish culture in the country by the works and activities that was participated in.

Moreover, in our school there is a museum where some products belonging to the 18th and 19th centuries are found, and it is open to the visitors.

The branches or sections of our school educate qualified professional elements that gained the necessary professional qualifications according to the needs of the sector and scientific and technological developments. In order to increase the knowledge and skills of our students and educators and also to see the technology and innovations on –site and to ensure vision we wanted to be included in the EU Lifelong Learning Programme.

The Sabanci Technical Institute has a total area of 6,100 square meters and has a closed area of 2,600 square meters. The students study ways to reproduce and transfer traditional Turkish clothing and handicrafts onto new clothing and new generations while "maintaining its authenticity," allowing individuals who aspire to acquire a profession to become productive.

The Institute provides a fixed term education of 2 years within the sections of clothing, ready-made clothing, knit ready-made clothing, fashion design, embroidery, handicrafts, painting, ceramic, child development and education. Additionally, the Institute has manufacturing shops that manufacture ready-made or custom items in all sections.

The items made in the manufacturing shops of Sabanci Technical Institute are offered for sale. Not only custom-made clothing, embroidery, and accessories are made, but also orders for wholesale manufacture are accepted.

Institute has attended and continues to attend many fashion shows both within the country and abroad. Additionally, exhibitions and bazaars are organized at the Institute for promotional and marketing purposes.

There are 20 workshops that can be used for various studies, a computer laboratory, special rooms for design works, display and fashion show halls, administrative offices, and a museum section in the building. There is also a kindergarten operating within the school.


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