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Vezneciler, Fatih - Istanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°00'41.0"N 28°57'36.0"E / 41.011389, 28.960000

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A small triangular medrese, this elegant little complex was built in 1606 by Kuyucu Murat Paşa, Grand Vezir in the reign of Sultan Ahmet I. The apex of the triangle is formed by the columned sebil, with simple classical lines.

Facing the street is an arcade of shops in the middle of which a doorway leads to the courtyard of the medrese. The classical style Madrasah, L-shaped, with 14 rooms, the madrasah undergone numerous restorations during its history.

Entering, find the tomb of the founder in the acute angle behind the sebil, and at the other end the dershane, which, as so often, served also as a small mosque. The tomb of the Pasha, who died in 1611, is situated next to the madrasah. Also, buried in the tomb, are Abaza Ahmet Pasha (1638) and Cağaloğlu Sinan Paşazade Mehmet Pasha.

This building has been taken over and restored by Istanbul University; the courtyard has been roofed in and used as a small museum, while the dershane contains a library. Kuyucu Murat Pasha Madrasah is today the Faculty of Fine Arts of İstanbul University.

Today, the complex has been absorbed by Istanbul University, its courtyard having been roofed in and used as a museum for the fine arts, while its library remains operational.


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