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Beşiktaş - Istanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'32.6"N 29°00'21.8"E / 41.042389, 29.006056

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Brother of Sadrazam Rustem Pasha, Chief Admiral Sinan Pasha, had Sinan Pasha Madrasa which is opposite the statue of Barbaros on a place crossing of Barbaros Avenue with Beşiktaş Caddesi in Beşiktaş district, Istanbul province built. The construction community was completed after the death of Sinan Pasha in 1553. It is written on the tablet above mosque that the mosque was completed in 1555.

Madrasa alcoves in the courtyard of Sinan Pasha Mosque were not able to keep its originality up. Twelve madrasa alcoves which are supposed that it is square planned, consists of domed rooms and which comes into existence with pavement of brick in alternative system are roofed today. It is not known when this roof was sited there and it is supposed that it was constructed by General Directorate of Foundations in 1930s.

Sinan Paşa Madrasa was built at the northwest corner of Sinan Paşa Mosque. The madrasa surrounds the courtyard of the mosque. The repair work during 1970-1972 has somewhat altered the original form of the building, with the wooden cover over the portico. The Beşiktaş Sinan Pasha Medrese (1555) is Architect Sinan's first attempt at integrating a mosque with a medrese. It has no lecture hall.

It is one of the early madrasa types which Sinan experimented by joining the madrasa with a mosque. Madrasa surrounds mosque's entrance at three sides and defines a courtyard. At the center of the courtyard an ablution fountain is placed.

Madrasa consists of riwaks which surround the courtyard in three sides and behind riwaks, two iwans and twelve rooms are covered with a double sloped roof. There are twelve rectangular and square rooms which differ in dimensions. It does not have any lecture hall.

Only marble water-tank in its courtyard was able to reach today with its original form. There is a small courtyard including toilets behind madrasa rooms. From sources it is understood that madrasa was opened to education in 1557, had 31 students in 1869 and was shelved in 1914. Madrasa went through restoration work between 1970 and 1972. Left iwan was used as water depot and some wood frames were placed between riwaks.


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