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Ortaköy, Beşiktaş - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'54.0"N 29°01'38.0"E / 41.048333, 29.027222

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Taking its name after Esma Sultan, the daughter of the 32nd Ottoman ruler, Sultan Abdülaziz, the historic mansion has bore witness to a number of historic events and figures over time.

Esma Sultan, born in 1873 at Dolmabahçe Palace, is the daughter of the 32nd Ottoman Sultan, Abdülaziz I. When she was 3 years old, her father was forced to step down from the throne, and Esma Sultan was sent to the Harem in Sultan Abdülhamit I’s Yıldız Palace. At the age of 16, she was married to Circassian Mehmet Paşa, an important political figure of the time, in the Ortaköy Mosque situated beside the mansion. The mansion was given to Esma Sultan as a wedding present.

When Esma Sultan died in 1899, Sultan Abdülhamit II passed the mansion on to his other daughter Cemile Sultan, and upon Cemile Sultan’s passing, it was imparted to her daughter Fatma Hanım Sultan. Finally, in 1915, the mansion was claimed from the Ottoman Empire, and in succession, was used as a Greek school in 1918, a tobacco depot in 1922; changing hands in the 1950s, it was used as a storage facility and carpenter’s workshop until it suffered a fire in 1975.

The three-storey brick building was designed by the renowned architect Sarkis Balyan and finished in 1875 next to Ortaköy Mosque. It was presented to Esma Sultan (1873-1899), the daughter of Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz, as a wedding gift. The mansion remained in the possession of the Ottoman dynasty until 1915.

Esma Sultan, is used today as a cultural center after being redeveloped. The Marmara Collection purchased the Esma Sultan Mansion in the early 90’s. The building’s original character and floor plan was preserved, as it adopted a new cultural identity. In 2001, Philip Robert’s project saw the building undergo renovations from within, gaining a sturdy, yet classy iron and glass interior. This renovation allowed for the mansion to remain open all year-round.

The building includes a bar, a restaurant, and an event hall at several levels. The building is situated in a garden of 2,226 m2 (23,960 sq ft). The ground floor is 31.5 m (103 ft) wide, 27 m (89 ft) long and 3.80 m (12.5 ft) high. The first floor is merged with the second floor, having dimensions of 31.5 m (103 ft) wide, 31 m (102 ft) long and 6.80 m (22.3 ft) high.

Esma Sultan Mansion, run by The Marmara Collection chain as a venue for various meetings and conferences, offers banqueting space in a historical atmosphere for up to 1,000 guests in the garden, 180 guests in the ground floor and 330 guests in the first floor. Space for reception is available for up to 3,000 guests in the garden, 300 guests in the ground floor and 600 guests in the first floor. The venue also hosts concerts of the Istanbul International Jazz Festival and the Istanbul International Music Festival.

The incorporated structure is built out of steel and glass within the original brick exterior. The glass box is tethered to the walls with suspension rods, which ensure that the structures remain equidistant from each other and are able to withstand bad weather and earthquakes. The building is set on several levels and includes a bar, a restaurant, and an event hall. The garden still contains the remains of the cistern, the Turkish bath and the stable.

Plan Your Event
Celebrate the happiest day of your lives surrounded by the footprints of the grand Ottoman Empire in the wonderfully historic atmosphere of The Marmara Esma Sultan. The wedding of your dreams awaits you as you take an enchanting journey through time in the elegantly renovated The Marmara Esma Sultan.

The Marmara Esma Sultan, seated proudly along the shores of the glistening Bosphorus, sheltered under the towering Bosphorus Bridge above, brings a unique vibrancy and unforgettable quality to each wedding with its chic and stylish atmosphere, first-rate cuisine and professional service team. The Marmara’s award-winning chefs prepare and serve The Marmara Esma Sultan’s custom menus, designed to suit the theme of each unique event.

The Marmara Esma Sultan is a wildly popular summer wedding venue. This is attributed to its beautiful green garden, its location on the shores of the Bosphorus, and its accessibility by boat from its private dock. The 4-sided glass interior welcomes views of the surrounding Bosphorus for the perfect winter weddings.

The Marmara Esma Sultan’s Banquet Sales Associates provide professional consulting, while taking into account the unique requests of the bride and groom, prior to, and on, the wedding day. Not to mention, a “designated bridesmaid” is provided to accompany and assist each couple on their big day.

The Marmara Esma Sultan Wedding Package features: full access to the mansion, a 4-course menu, wedding cake, a special private pavilion in the mansion gardens for the bride and groom to prepare, and a complimentary night’s stay in The Marmara Taksim’s Honeymoon Suite.

More than 20 years of irresistible flavours; The Marmara Catering
Since 1990, The Marmara Catering has been offering its five star services with a variety of unique Turkish and International menus to various organisations and events outside of the hotel. The Marmara Catering offers its services for up to 4000 people at any location, in any surroundings in both Istanbul and across the nation. With its flexible, knowledgeable and trendsetter team nothing is impossible!

Meeting And Wedding
Our meeting venue in Istanbul... If the location of a meeting or conference can influence its quality and accomplishment, then there is no better place to meet than in The Marmara Esma Sultan. With its historical atmosphere Esma Sultan Mansion presents a privileged venue for meetings and conferences.

Offering 1000 guests for dinner and reception space for up to 3000 guests in the garden,
336 guests for dinner and reception for 600 guests, in the indoor first floor,
180 guests for dinner and reception for 300 guests at the entrance floor throughout the year.

Esma Sultan (exterior) : Area 2226 m2, Cocktail 3000, Buffet 2000, Round Table 1000
Esma Sultan (interior upper floor) : Area 388 m2, Width 12.5 m, Length 31 m, Height 6.8 m, Theatre 400, Cocktail 600, Round Table 336
Esma Sultan (interior ground floor) : Area 388 m2, Width 12.5 m, Length 27 m, Height 3.8 m, Theatre 250, Cocktail 300, Round Table 180


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