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Harbiye, Şişli - Istanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'51.0"N 28°59'24.0"E / 41.047500, 28.990000

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The Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Centre (ICEC) has everything you need to organize memorable and successful congresses and exhibitions in the imperial city of Istanbul. The only place in Istanbul where 3,500 delegates can sit down together for a five-star gala dinner, ICEC offers you an outstanding combination of state-of-the-art facilities and superior service.

Istanbul's Largest Ballroom and Auditorium
ICEC's brand new Rumeli Fair & Exhibition Hall features Istanbul's largest Ballroom measuring 2,100 square meters, which includes simultaneous translation in eleven languages, full audio-visual support and more. The ballroom also divides easily into two smaller ballrooms using sound-proof separators. For large receptions, the Ballroom can be combined with Rumeli's 1,100 square meter and 900 square meter foyers or the foyers can be used staging and registration areas.

Break - out rooms, session rooms and satellite conferences
No matter how complicated your event is, ICEC has the infrastructure to meet your needs and ensure that your conference or trade fair runs smoothly. The main ICEC building features a total of 21 meeting rooms with capacities ranging from 600 to 60. The Rumeli Fair & Exhibition Hall offers a further 5 boardrooms and 6 VIP suites as well as a 45 sq.m. (485 sq.ft.) business centre. Plus, on the lower level of the Rumeli Hall, there is enough stand space to accommodate a full-size trade fair in conjunction with your event.

An Integrated facility in the heart of a unique Conference Valley
ICEC and its new Rumeli Fair & Exhibition Hall, which hosted the International Telecommunications Union's World Radio communications Conference 2000, are the centerpiece of a complete Conference Valley. Offering more than 6.000 guest rooms within easy walking distance of ICEC, including 6 five-star hotels, the Conference Valley offers meeting planners unrivalled convenience and flexibility. The ICEC Complex was also designed to be flexible, and can accommodate events large and small, giving organizers the option of using the ICEC facility and the Rumeli Hall separately or together.

The Rumeli Fair and Exhibition Centre is located in the Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre and has all the advantages of being in the city centre. The Rumeli Fair and Exhibition Centre is dispersed over the ground and lower levels. It is an extremely modern building. The centre can accommodate international conventions and trade fairs at the same time.

The Rumeli Fair and Exhibition Centre is connected to the main building. The main entrance is opposite Cemil Topuzlu open-air theatre. The Rumeli Fair and Exhibition Centre is an ideal venue for various activities such as trade fairs, seminars, weddings and film premieres. The ceiling height of the hall is 7 m and its foyer is 3 m.

The Rumeli lower level has a 3,000 m2 floor area and is 4 m high. It can accommodate 2,500 people in a reception layout and 1,750 in a banquet layout. This level can be used for various activities such as fairs, exhibitions and banquets. In addition, it has a storage area and loading bay measuring 400 m2.
Room Sizes & Capacities
Lower Level : Cocktail 2500, Banquet 1750, Height 4 m, Area 3000 m2


Rumeli A and B (Ballroom)
The Ballroom has a floor area totalling 2,100 m2 and is 7 m high. It can be divided into two soundproof rooms by dividers allowing the ballroom to be used for two different events at the same time. The ballroom can provide seating for up to 2,500 people in a theatre layout, 1,500 in a classroom layout, 3,500 in a reception layout, and 2,000 in a banquet layout . When divided, Rumeli A and Rumeli B halls can both provide seating for 1,250 people in a theatre layout, 750 in a classroom layout, 1,750 in a reception layout and 1,000 in a banquet layout.

It is an ideal hall for seminars, conferences, film premieres, weddings and other large events. When the dividers separating Rumeli Fair and Exhibition Centre from the main foyer and the side foyer are opened, it becomes a large space of 4,000 m2. In this area activities such as trade fairs and large seminars can be held.

Room Sizes & Capacities
Rumeli Fair & Exhibition Hall : Cocktail 6000, Banquet 4750, Height 7-4 m, Area 7000 m2
Main Level (Ballroom & Foyers) : Theatre 3000, Classroom 1750, Cocktail 3500, Banquet 3000, Height 7 m, Area 4000
Rumeli A : Theatre 1250, Classroom 750, Cocktail 1750, Banquet 1000, Height 7 m, Area 1050 m2
Rumeli B : Theatre 1250, Classroom 750, Cocktail 1750, Banquet 1000, Height 7 m, Area 1050 m2

The main foyer has a floor area of 1,000 m2 and is 6 m high. The side foyer has a floor area of 900 m2 and is 4 m high. Together they constitute a foyer with a floor area of 1,900 m2. The foyers can be used as registration areas for fairs, conferences and seminars. For larger trade fairs they are joined with the ballroom and used as an exhibition area.

VIP Lounge
This VIP lounge has a 90 m2 floor area and is 2.85 m high. It can be used to host VIP's for events that take place in the Rumeli Fair and Exhibition Centre. It is also possible to use the lounge as a pressroom.

Executive Boardrooms
There are 5 executive boardrooms and each has 40 m2 of floor area and is 2.40 m high. These rooms can be used for workshops or as secretarial office rooms or as meeting rooms when the Rumeli ground and lower levels are hired.

With its breath taking Bosphorus view and unique landscape design, the Rumeli Garden can accommodate 5,000 people on its 3,000 m2 grounds.
It is an ideal place on a summer's night, for receptions and has hosted weddings and opening ceremonies.

Loft Restaurant & Bar
Loft Restaurant & Bar a restaurant for summer& for winter, is located in the Rumeli Fair & Exhibition Centre in Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Centre. It serves a wide variety of delightful international cuisine. The decoration of Loft Restaurant & Bar is inspired by Loft's in New York. With its 130 person capacity Loft Restaurant & Bar serves between 12:00 - 24:00 everyday and the DJ music starts at evenings..


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