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Şişhane, Beyoğlu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'41.6"N 28°58'24.7"E / 41.028222, 28.973528

Beyoglu Municipality Old Building / Istanbul photo beyoglu_municipality105.jpg


The Beyoğlu Municipality Building (Beyoğlu Belediye Binası) is at the intersection point of Yolcuzade İskender, Meşrutiyet and First Municipality streets at Şişhane Square. The building was built during the first mandat of Mr. Edouard Blacque (1879-1883). The architect of this charming building is Barborini between many other fascinating buildings he has offered to İstanbul. The building is dominating the Golden Horn and the historic peninsula with its’ wonderful view.

The first municipality, founded with the name of Altıncı Daire Municipality by following the Paris municipality system, was responsible for the Beyoğlu - Galata region a densely populated area where foreigners lived. The building of city hall was done by Edouard Balcque in the 1860s and the architect of the building was the Italian Barborini. The city hall was converted in to a kaimakam’s (official charged with governing a provincial district) office about 1960. It was given back to Beyoğlu Municipality in 1984.

The first examples of western city planning implementation which were conformed to the Administrative Reforms started in Beyoğlu. Beyoğlu with its’ history, location, ethnical and cultural characteristics, was the starting point of urban modernisation. The modernisation had to be started with several reforms. Beyoğlu was opened to the world with its harbor, docks and Golden Horn as a trade center. Beside these features, its’ dominance over the Capital and Bosphorus had attracted all foreign embassies into its borders. The residents were rich and open-minded.

The reforms has been started the 28th of December 1857 with the regulations of Beyoğlu and Galata Offices referred as the “6th District”, the 7th of June 1858. Istanbul was divided into 14 districts. Beyoğlu was named as the “6th District” although it was the first. The reason it was named "Sixième arrondissement" -6th District-is that,  the "Sixième arrondissement" which is located in Paris was the most well organized and prosperous district of Paris. The aims of the ‘’6th District’’ was to organize and develop the commerce and to bring to the district the European urban services.

As soon as the 6th District was built, Mr. Mehmet Kamil was assigned for this newly formed local authority. He had good relations with the corps diplomatic and foreigners. The decision in order to implement immediately the necessary services regulations was taken, cleaning of streets, construction of sewers, water ways and some other necessary services.

As a first step, the cadastre maps of Beyoğlu and Galata have been drawn. Gardens for general use in Taksim and Tepebaşı were renewed and organized for being able to put in use. An hospital was built and the illumination was provided to the streets. Istiklal Avenue was illuminated with gasoil torches for the first time.

With the regulations in 1959, the cleaning works of the streets were put in tender. The streets were divided into 3 categories. First class streets were cleaned on a daily basis, even twice during the summer, 3rd class streets were cleaned once a week. These services were legitimated for the elitist western part of Beyoğlu.

The Municipality of Beyoğlu was established on 20th of April 1924. Beyoğlu which included Beşiktaş, Şişli and Kemerburgaz in its borders during the first years of the Republic took its’ present form with the separation of Beşiktaş in 1930 and with the connection of Kemerburgaz to Eyüp in 1936 and the constitution of Şişli Municipality in 1954.

In 1970, the district was divided into boroughs. Beyoğlu which used to be managed by the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul until 1984 gained its current status which was organized within the framework of “Local Administrations Law” issued for Metropolitan and Borough Municipalities in 1984 including 45 neighbourhoods.


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