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Sirkeci, Fatih - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°00'52.4"N 28°58'26.6"E / 41.014556, 28.974056

Buyuk Postahane / Sirkeci - Istanbul photo great_postoffice107.jpg


The building of Büyük Postane (Grand Post Office) was built by Architect Vedat Tek and belongs to the National Architectural period. It has four floors and was built between 1905 and 1909. The building is today the location of the Grand Post Office which provides postal services to the public. Grand Post Office is in Sirkeci on Büyük Postane Street. This street extends from Mahmutpaşa through Sultanhamam Street at one hand to Babıali through Ankara Street at the other end.

First introduction of telegram to the Ottomans took place in 1855 with the line drawn by the British. On September 9, the Minister of the Exterior Fuat Paşa, notified that the allied forces entered Sivastopol by a telegram from Crimea to Istanbul; the good news allowed the telegram to be deemed lucky.

Grand Post Office was opened in 1909 as “Post and Telegraph Ministry”. The name, which was “New Post Office” in 1930s, later became “Grand Post Office”. Istanbul radio served between 1927-1936 in this building which is used as a post office today.

In the building which started to be used for post and telegraph services fully in 1958, today the ground floor is Sirkeci Post Office, the first floor is the Telegraph Directorate and PTT Istanbul Regional Head Directorate occupies its second and third floors.

Grand Post Office is architects Vedat Tek’s first work. 16th Century Ottoman style dominates all decorations of the four-floor building which lies on 3.200 square meters. The façade of the ostentatious building is carved stone and marble.

The entrance of the four-storey building, the bricks of which are believed to have been designed specifically by Vedat Tek, was raised with steps and the two corners of the front elevation were raised and covered by a dome. The stone workmanship in the façade draws attention.

The main entrance of the building opens to a very large hall. The hall’s ceiling, which goes up to the roof, is covered with predominantly orange and blue glass. The classical Ottoman decorative elements are emphasized in the decorations of the building with the two color stone workmanship, kufi scripts, tiled panels with geometric design, rumi palmet appearing in ceiling decorations, the tiled panels in window sills and moukarneses in pillar heads and consoles.

A part of Grand Post Office is used as PTT Museum. Telephones manufactured and used in our country in 1855 are exhibited in the Museum where you will have the chance to walk around old supplies and equipment accompanied by a museum officer.


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