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Okmeydanı, Şişli - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°03'34.0"N 28°58'00.0"E / 41.059444, 28.966667

Darulaceze (Hospice) / Okmeydani - Istanbul photo darulaceze102.jpg


Sultan Abdülhamit Han II, who founded Darülaceze in 1896, was hoping to give shelter to all beggars, homeless children living in the streets, and homeless people sleeping in the courtyards of mosques. He also wanted to take good care of all crippled people in Istanbul. He brought them together in a peaceful environment and helped them earn their own living by teaching them various crafts.

Darülaceze - which derives from the Arabic words “dar,” meaning home, and “aceze,” meaning weak or incapable - is a homeless shelter for those without families, built by Sultan Abdülhamit II when the number of beggars in İstanbul increased enormously, most of whom were not disabled or orphaned, but simply preferred not to work.

The Great Sultan donated some of his personal belongings to be used for the initial expenditures of Darülaceze, as cash or as their own. Those belongings that were worth more than seven thousand gold coins were exhibited in a mansion on Istiklal Street and sold later on. This first contribution is a significant event in the history of Darülaceze, and his personal belongings still carry a special mark as a symbol of the contribution.

Sultan Abdülhamit also granted ten thousand gold coins from his own budget because he was impatient about the start of construction. With these significant contributions and many other contributions from other people, the institution was founded and the tradition of providing receipts of "donation to Darülaceze" has begun.

The construction of the building started on the 10 November 1892. The building was constructed by the architect Vasilaki Yanko and coasted 58 thousands lira. The opening ceremony took place 31 August 1895, on the coronation anniversary of the Sultan Abdülhamit II. The keys to the building were presented to the Sultan by Halil Rifat Paşa. In 1903 the children section, in 1904 the laundry were added to the complex.

Today there are 20 buildings in the complex of the Darulaceze, among them a church, a mosque and a synagogue. Under the dormitories, the buildings had dining halls and workshops where various goods were produced. The Muslim and Christian buildings both had public baths and two-story hospitals. Muslims were given a mosque and Christians were given two churches: one for Armenians and another for Greeks.

Official records show that, after opening in 1896, Darülaceze hosted 9,394 people until 1909. In 1909 a total of 1,002 people were living in Darülaceze, including 1 Bulgarian, 50 Jews, 4 Armenian Catholics, 63 Armenians, 122 Greek Orthodox and 762 Muslims.


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