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Atışalanı, Esenler - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°03'04.9"N 28°53'00.7"E / 41.051361, 28.883528

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Avasköy Aqueduct (Karakemer, Tekkemer, Yılanlıkemer) situated in Atışalanı, with 11 arches and a single storey it is 10.3 m in height. The Avasköy aqueduct was built by Mimar Sinan. It is at 109.5 m in length and the opening of space at the middle arch is 6 m and at the others are 4.5 m.  The inner diameter of the water pipe drains of this aqueduct which had been built by using hard limestone are 21 cm.

This aqueduct is known as Avasköy Aqueduct or Yılanlıkemer in old maps and the water pipes of Süleymaniye and Beylik waters flows on this aqueduct. The aqueduct was constructed by Mimar Sinan. Avasköy Aqueduct is mentioned both in Tezkiret'ül-Bünyan and Tezkiret'ül-Enbiye among the aqueducts constructed by Mimar Sinan.

The elegance and applied technique in the structure of this aqueduct demonstrates that it is a structure of Mimar Sinan. Arch buttresses that Sinan had applied to Uzunkemer, Paşa Aqueduct and the other aqueducts in order to meet the horizontal forces has been applied to this aqueduct in the same way, too. These arch buttresses have asperities with width of 3 m. and base of 0,60-0,75 m and they are becoming zero at the top.

This aqueduct was drawn with 11 apertures in the map of Süleymaniye Waterways; it was drawn with 12 apertures in the map dated 1607 which is found in the Library of Ahmed III of the Topkapı Palace Museum and it was also drawn with 12 apertures in the map dated 1748.

Esenler, a residential area from the Byzantines. The most ancient people of this region were the Greek people who lived in the villages named Litros (Esenler) and Avas (Atışalanı). The Avas Esenler and Atışalanı villages were Istanbul's Byzantine villages during the magnificent period of time of Byzantine Empire until the conquest by the Turks in ancient times and contributed to Byzantine Empire by growing agricultural products.


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