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Fenerbahçe, Kadıköy - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 40°58'04.0"N 29°02'04.0"E / 40.967778, 29.034444

Fenerbahce Park / Kadikoy - Istanbul photo fenerbahce_park109.jpg


The Fenerbahçe Park is located on the Fenerbahçe Peninsula, Kadikoy and the park is very popular with the Istanbul locals with its beautiful open and closed areas. The park overlooks the famous Princes Islands. In order to reach this beautiful park follow the Fenerbahçe signs when going towards Bostancı from Kızıltoprak. When you pass the marina located on the right and cross a very small bridge, you will come to a peninsula where the park is located.

Fenerbahçe, besides being the name of one of the oldest and most famous soccer teams in Turkey, it is among the most beautiful and elite districts of Anatolian side. Although the team is named after the district, when one mentions Fenerbahçe the first thing that comes to mind is the name of the soccer team. Well it should be considered normal in a country where soccer is so fervently admired.

Fenerbahçe (Fener: Lighthouse, Bahçe: Garden) named after the white lighthouse standing on the headland of a cozy peninsula also hosts quite a big park by the same name. Fenerbahçe was also a favorite promenade during the Ottoman Empire with its natural flora and stunning panorama. The restoration of the park lasted six months and was a costly project.

The flora has been renewed, jogging routes, resting sites, picnic areas and a special garden for dogs have been added. A parking lot and sport areas have also been constructed. At the edge of the park you'll be fascinated by the panoramic view. From here you can see the Princes' Islands on the south east and old Istanbul, Sultanahmet, Topkapı Palace and Haghia Sophia on the west.

The sunsets behind the elegant minarets are irresistible. During summer evenings the youngsters play guitar and sing songs. Moreover a moonlight stroll at Fenerbahçe should not be missed. The moon which rises and brightens the islands has always been a source of inspiration to lovers and amateur poets. You'll meet people of every age walking, running, exercising on the grass, and riding bicycles at every hour of the day. Housewives and students playing hooky are around in the morning.

The park fills with lovers in the afternoon and evenings bring people who want to relax after a long workday. Unfortunately there is nothing in particular for children so you will have to use your imagine, or let them use their own. Throughout the park, you will see gypsies selling flowers and telling fortunes and peddlers selling cotton candy, simit (similar to bagels) and balloons.

While wandering in the park you can either drop by a café for a snack, coffee or tea or sit on the benches and eat what you have brought with you. The number of people having breakfast on Sundays increases proportionally with the good weather conditions. There is also a section within the park offering ecological products.

Cafe Romantica is a covered cafe and sparrows often fly by, sometimes stopping to visit your table for crumbs. In summertime you can have a relaxing time in the garden of Romantica which runs all the way to the seaside.

Set on a little peninsular behind the Fenerbahçe marina, this park has lots of little pergola-cafés and an impressive pavilion full of song birds and antique kitchenware. There used to be a palace here. When the park was first opened to the public in the 19th century it immediately became a hugely popular spot but suffered years of neglect before being re-opened in 1991.

This is a lovely park in a bustling neighborhood on the Anatolian side. On one edge of the park there is a fascinating and panoramic view of the city and the Bosphorus. The Park is often populated with young lovers, amateur artists and poets. Many people seeking respite come here and sit a bank idly, chewing on a sandwich or a bagel they brought with themselves. Sundays when the weather is nice, picnicers crowd the park.

An alternative to picnicking or hanging around on in the gardens or on the banks is to go to one of the cafes inside the park. The latter offers a peaceful and romantic respite inside the greenery.


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