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Abbasağa, Beşiktaş - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'45.6"N 29°00'20.9"E / 41.046000, 29.005806

Abbasaga Public Park / Besiktas - Istanbul photo abbasaga_park121.jpg


The name of this location on the hillside of Beşiktaş, where once stood the Abbasağa Graveyard, was named after the Abbasağa Mosque in the neighborhood. Abbas Agha, who was the Chief Harem Eunuch, was in office between the years 1668- 1671 and had a many fountains and three hammams in Istanbul, one of which was the Kızlarağası Hammam in Laleli, built.

He also had the mosque in Beşiktaş built and founded. The graveyard was established and developed within this mosque, occupying quite a large space. In this graveyard, which was covered with cupressus trees, there were the gravestones of many historical persons who had been buried there since the 17th Century. In 1939, all the trees in this graveyard were cut down and all the gravestones were removed and demolished.

And the land of the Abbas Agha Graveyard, of which no trace remained any more, was organized into a park. Opened in 1941 taking up a total space of 12,000 m2, the park was bordered with Akdoğan Street on the east and Maşuklar Street on the west. When the graveyard was pulled up, the cupressus trees removed were replaced by pine trees, thuja trees, horse chestnut trees.

This pleasant neighbourhood park in Beşiktaş is great for a short walk (albeit an up-and-down one), resting or even doing some exercises (there is a basketball court and a fitness equipment area). It also has a huge community of cats.

Perhaps the park’s biggest attraction is its decent-sized amphitheatre. People gathered night after night to have their say, play music, and eat and drink together. In the spring and summer months, the amphitheatre also hosts concerts and an open-air cinema.


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