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Baltalimanı, Sarıyer - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°05'49.0"N 29°03'07.0"E / 41.096944, 29.051944

Baltalimani Japon Garden / Sariyer - Istanbul photo japanese_garden108.jpg


Turkish-Japanese culture has been strengthened by the renewal of the Japanese Garden. The Japanese garden located in Baltalimanı district of Istanbul, has been renewed with the support of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Japanese government. The traditional tea ceremony and dances, which were performed in the opening ceremony with the participation of both Mayor  Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the mayor of the Shimonoseki city were well worth seeing.

The Japanese Garden was built by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and with the support of the Japanese government. Both ancient civilization, which had thousands of years of history, culture and civilization met in the renovated Japanese Garden. Both countries feel sympathy and friendship toward the other. Turkey attaches importance to improving political, economic, and commercial relations while also boosting cultural activities.

“There is a good quote from Rumi: ‘Not those who speak the same language, but those who share the same sentiments live in harmony.’ Our closeness to each other is because we share the same feelings.

The Japanese city of Shimonoseki and Istanbul have been sister cities since 1972. In order to celebrate 30 years of good relations, a Japanese botanical garden was built in Baltalimanı in 2003. Adorned with statues, relics and a variety of trees and flowers native to Japan, it’s a little spot to escape from it all, right in the middle of the city. The cherry trees, which are in full bloom right now, should definitely be seen.

Baltalimanı Japanese Garden
This simple garden is ideal for taking a relaxing walk and letting your eyes rest on the little unobtrusive decorative details here and there. The garden is home to statues and relics sent from Japan as gifts as well as a variety of trees and flowers native to Japan and sometimes even art exhibitions. Baltalimanı Çayır Caddesi, Sarıyer. Open daily.

It contains Japanese landscape elements like botanics, dry garden, waterfall, artificial pool, bridge, lanterns of granite, and a Japanese Tea House that is not active at present. It is a rare landscape implementation, differing from the parks we are used to, with its specific structure, and worth seeing even only for this reason.

But it is not inviting because the walls surrounding the garden give the impression of private propety at first sight. This Japanese Garden, beside the Baltalimanı Brook, partially improved nowadays, contradicts with the notorious smell of the brook, high to heaven.


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