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Eyüp - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'40.4"N 28°55'46.0"E / 41.044556, 28.929444

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Ayvansarayî’nin Hadikatül Cevami’sinde Sadrı Esbak İzzet Paşa, Hacı Mehmet İzzet Paşa veya İzzet Mehmet Paşa Tekkesi adıyla anıldığı belirtilen Vezir Tekkesi, Sofular Mahallesi’nde, Vezir Tekke Sokağı’nda Eyüp Bulvarı üzerindedir. İzzet Paşa’nın 1796 yılında bizzat kurduğu vakıf tarafından yaptırılan bu tekke, vaktiyle Nakşîbendi tekkesi olarak hizmet veriyordu.

The Vezir Derwish Lodge founded 1796 by İzzet Mehmet Paşa, which was located on Vezir Tekke Str. in Sofular district of Eyüp, Istanbul, which had partly been damaged and also been partly in ruins.

The restoration and renovation works of the church which was made of wood is become more of an issue due to it is being destroyed a little more every day. The Lodge which was a non-governmental organizations of the time was built by the Grand Vizier named İzzet Mehmet Paşa and allocated to the use of a sheikh of Sufi order.

Attention was drawn to the restoration project of the lodge in the report  approved by the Municipal Council in which the restoration project of the Eyüp Vezir Dervish Lodge was approved by the Istanbul 2nd Cultural and Natural Estates Conservation Board.

It was stated in the report titled Under the Project it is aimed to renovate the Eyüp Vezir Dervish Lodge to make a contribution to the social and cultural life of the city.


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