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Sütlüce, Beyoglu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'55.0"N 28°56'29.6"E / 41.048624, 28.941564

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Hasırızade Elif Efendi Tekkesi  was built in 1784. Elif Efendi, Hasırızade (b. in Sütlüce, Rajab 1266 / May 1850; d. 28 Jomada I 1345 / 4 December 1926), Turkish poet and scholar. He was the son of Aḥmad Moktar Efendi, the shaikh of the takiya (dervish lodge) at Sütlüce in Istanbul. On 1 Sawwal 1280 / 10 March 1864 his father entrusted him to the Mawlawī reciter Ḥosam-al-Din Efendi. After his initial education, he studied Arabic with well-known scholars.

In 1303 / 1885-86 he received his ejaza (q.v.), while also taking lessons in calligraphy and attending lessons in Rumi’s Matonawi taught by Ṣalaḥ-al-Din Efendi, the shaikh of the Mawlawī lodge at Yenikapı. Elif Efendi then began to teach the Mesnevi, and in 1316 / 1898-99 he donned the Mawlawi turban and garment.

When in 1297 / 1879-80 Aḥmad Moktar Efendi went on pilgrimage to Mecca, he placed his son in charge of the takiya during his absence. The shaikh resumed his post after his return, while Elif Efendi remained his deputy (nayeb) until his father’s death. At that point he succeeded his father as the takiya’s shaikh and devoted all his time to the teaching of the Mesnevi.

He also wrote poetry in Arabic and Persian. A considerable part of his Divan includes Persian qaṣidas and gazals. His Divan has not yet been published. His prose works comprise a few resalas, including one called Moktar al-enbaʾ fi’l-ḥoruf wa’l rosuf wa baʿż al-asmaʾ in Turkish and a commentary (sarḥ) on Komayl b. Zīad’s Semerel al-ḥads fī mazīyat al-nafs, which consists of responses Komayl received from ʿAlī b. Abī Ṭāleb (q.v.) to questions about the soul (nafs).


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