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Tophane, Beyoğlu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'38.0"N 28°58'56.2"E / 41.027222, 28.982278

Tophane Mansion / Beyoglu - Istanbul photo tophane_mansion110.jpg


The Tophane Pavilion gets its name from Tophane neighborhood, meaning Cannon factory in Turkish, where there was one. It's located next to the Nusretiye mosque and was one of the most important buildings on the Tophane Square during the Ottoman period. The kiosk was ordered by Sultan Abdülmecid and built by the British architect William James Smith in 1852.

 It was especially used by the sultans visiting these weapons factories in the neighborhood and also to receive foreign guests coming to the port by the sea, such as the Russian Czar's brother Grand duke Konstantin.

Many important events took place at this mansion. The Russian Tsar's brother Grand Duke Constantine was welcomed there by Sultan Abdülmecid. The 1897 International Conference which put an end to the Ottoman-Greek War was held at the Tophane Mansion. As was the convening of the International Straits Commission as a follow up to the Lausanne Treaty.

The mansion is parallel to the sea, rectangular and two stories high. On the exterior of the building there are baroque styled projections from the second story floor ledges. Internally the ceiling murals and marble fireplaces are the most striking features.  It has a European style like all other mansions of the same period, with fine hand work ceiling decorations and marble fireplaces.

At the moment Tophane Kiosk is closed to visitors and administrated by the Fine Arts faculty of Mimar Sinan University.


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