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Paşabahçe, Beykoz - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°07'53.5"N 29°05'39.7"E / 41.131530, 29.094356

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Abraham Pasha, originally Abraham Eramyan, (Istanbul, 1833 - Istanbul, 1918) was an Ottoman civil servant and diplomat of Armenian origin. The son of an Armenian banker family, he was a close friend of Sultan Abdülaziz. He spoke fluently Turkish, Arabic and French, and was a prominent figure of Pera high society in Istanbul.

1883 marked the beginning of Pasha's financial decline, he was financially ruined and unable to repay his debts. Abraham Pasha was forced to surrender his investments on the Bourse and all his properties to the Ottoman Bank in 1898. His personal properties were sold by the bank in 1919 to a stockbroker named Manouk Manoukian.

Located in the Beykoz District on the Asian side of Istanbul and stretching from the hills between Beykoz and Paşabahçe to Riva, the grove, which dates from the reign of Sultan Abdülhamid II, was designed by French landscape architects and pavilions, pools, theaters and birdhouses were built. Spanning over 69 acres, Beykoz Grove is one of the largest groves on the Bosporus. Today, there are two big caves, five pools and a palace ruin.

Beykoz Grove is located in the Beykoz District on the Asian side of Istanbul. The grove dates back to Sultan Abdülhamid II. It was designed by French landscape architects, and pavilions, pools, theaters and birdhouses were built in the park.

The area on which Beykoz Grove Social Facility is located belonged to the famous Ottoman vizier Abraham Pasha and was used for hosting hunting parties. Several plants and trees that were never seen before in the Ottoman capital of Istanbul were brought and planted in the grove.

Istanbul Municipality restored the place according to its original historic fabric in October 2006 and put it into service as Beykoz Grove Social Facility. Having a capacity to accommodate 1,000 people with an outdoor space of 2,783 m2 and restaurant area of 711 m2, the Beykoz Grove Social Facility stands out with its view of the Bosphorus and the environment surrounded by forest and natural beauty.

Protected by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it was restored in 2006 to serve as the Beykoz Grove Social Facility. Hosting various meetings and organizations as well as wedding ceremonies, the Beykoz Grove Social Facility makes the most special moments of your life unforgettable with its green spaces.


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