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Paşalimanı, Üsküdar - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'56.7"N 29°01'34.0"E / 41.032429, 29.026110

Fethipasa Grove Social Facility / Pasalimani - Uskudar photo fethipasa_korusu129.jpg


Located in Fethipaşa Grove, surrounded by pine trees in one of the most beautiful places on the Asian side Üsküdar Paşalimanı, the Fethipaşa Social Facility welcomes its guests in a magical atmosphere offering delicious dishes and fresh air. You can spend a day away from the noisy city life in a green natural environment with the sound of birds. Fethi Pasa Grove covers a 16 hectares of green area.

Fethi Paşa Korusu (Fethi Pasha Grove) is a large park in Istanbul, on the hillside coming right down to the Bosphorus shore in the area called Paşalimanı. It is located between Kuzguncuk and Sultantepe on the Asian side of Istanbul. After long years of neglect, it has been recently renovated and opened to public for recreation. It has a scenic view of Bosphorus Bridge and the European side of Istanbul.

 It is named after Ottoman governor, ambassador and minister Fethi Ahmet Pasha. The grove has a wide range of vegetation and functions like an oxygen tank for surrounding districts. Named after the Tophane Marshall Fethi Paşa who served as ambassador and state minister during the reigns of Sultan Abdülhamid I and Sultan Mahmud I, the grove was later distributed among Fethi Paşa's heirs after his death at the end of the 1800s. Finally grove shared to it's heirs in 1958.

In the following years, especially between 1960 and 1980, the grove was left to its own fate and turned into an overgrown area. There are two pavilions in the grove that have been turned into a restaurant and cafe and were opened to the public in 2003. Among the facilities in the grove, there are children's playgrounds, a sports field, basketball courts and two man-made ponds, so it is a perfect spot for you to get away from the rush of daily life and find some peace in an oxygen-rich atmosphere.

It has a breathtaking view of Bosphorus Bridge and the European side of Istanbul. Briefly it is worth to visit there and Fethi Paşa grove is best place for relaxing against wonderful Bosphorus view.

There are too many kind of plants. Because of this this spot seeing like a botanic garden from people. Most common tree types are: kermes oak, laurel, mastic tree, Judas-tree, linden. Also there are too many pine tree kinds on the ridges of grove.(horse chestnut, oak, Japanese velvet, ash, green viburnum, akdut, persimmon, black locust).

Anyway the Judas tree's historical story is interesting; Byzantium Christians see holy  this tree for that reason they give more importance to plant that and they also organized some celebration for it's holiness therefore Judas tree reach from there to now with that interesting religious belief.


This konak (mansion), located inside Fethi Paşa Korusu, was named after its first owner Fethi Ahmet Paşa. The mansion was acquired by the municipality in 1994 and turned into a restaurant which is highly popular due to its affordable prices. After long years of neglect, it has been recently renovated and opened to public for recreation.

Lately  municipality expropriated the other shares and then 2 pavilion restored from government in 2003 then it opened 2 social facility for people, today it is called Fethi Paşa grove and it is giving service to all kind of people.

With a capacity to accommodate 1.000 people in total in its outdoor space of 2,500 m2 and restaurant area of 800 m2, the Fethipaşa Social Facility has a unique view of Istanbul extending from Sarayburnu to Ortaköy.


WEB SITE : Fethi Paşa Grove Social Facilities

Phone : +90 444 1 034

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