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Ortaköy, Beşiktaş - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'41.8"N 29°01'07.3"E / 41.044944, 29.018694


In 1927, the Maritime College (Turkish: Denizcilik Yüksek Okulu) settled in some buildings of Feriye Palace. In the 1928-29 academic term, Kabataş High School also moved into some buildings of the palace complex. Part of the palace hosted the girls' section of Galatasaray High School when in 1967 the institution started mixed-gender education. Part of the complex in northeastern remained years long neglected.

The Maritime College was transformed into Istanbul Technical University's School of Maritime in 1981, and moved to Tuzla, Istanbul. The buildings became temporarily vacant, were then assigned to Ziya Kalkavan Maritime Vocational High School in 1982.

Çırağan Palace is accepted as the last example of Ottoman Empire’s glory. Sultan Abdülaziz ascended to the throne in 1861 and the palace was constructed between the years of 1861 and 1872. The palace is actually a complex alongside of Bosphorus up to 1.5 km.

There are two Feriye (secondary) palaces next to the main palace. These secondary palaces are still being used. The secondary palaces that are located in Ortaköy are used as Ziya Kalkavan Maritime Vocational High School, Galatasaray University and Kabataş High School.


Since 2007, the school has been offering free, four-month-long maritime classes to people interested in captaining small sailboats, a liberating pursuit that has generally been beyond the means of the masses. Students learn crucial information covering both practical and theoretical aspects of sailing, including how to navigate and operate motors, as well as the details of national and international laws governing the vessels’ operation.

The classes are open to everyone with a high school diploma and an interest in sailing, adding that the program is offered several times a year and draws great interest from people of various backgrounds, ages, and occupations.

At the end of the course, students take an exam administered by the Amateur Maritime Federation. Those who pass receive a license to operate 14 to 16-meter-long sailboats within Turkish territorial waters. Though non-Turkish citizens can enroll in the classes, they are not eligible to take the exam to receive a sailboat license, the school’s director added.

Over the last three years, the maritime school has offered more than 200 classes under the auspices of the Provincial Special Administrative Vocational and Technical Education Classes, or ÖZİMEK, project, which was launched by the Istanbul Provincial Special Administration, or İPSA. The project aims to provide free training to Istanbul residents in various fields, including mechatronics, furniture design and production, restoration, elevator repair and even tomb making.

“There are currently courses in 158 branches offered at 79 schools in Istanbul,” the secretary-general said, adding that the numbers change according to the seasonal demands of students. Classes are held in public school buildings in the evenings or on weekends so that people with jobs can also participate. One course can last between 240 and 400 hours, depending on its level of difficulty.


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