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Sultanahmet, Fatih - Istanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°00'50.5"N 28°59'03.4"E / 41.014034, 28.984275

Topkapı Palace Museum / Fourth Courtyard


It was built by Sultan İbrahim I (1640-1648) in 1640 on the part of marble terrace between Circumcision Room and Baghdad Pavilion that was enlarged towards Haliç direction during Sultan Murad IV era. The special feature of this kameriye- shaped köşk is that it is made of copper and zinc alloy. It is covered by a dome that is carried by four columns. Kameriye is separated from the marble with its projecting part, and is made facing the gardens below, the city, Haliç and Galata.

The gilded İftar Pavilion, also known as İftar Kiosk or İftar bower (İftariye Köşkü or İftariye Kameriyesi) offers a view on the Golden Horn is a magnet for tourists today for photo opportunities. Its ridged cradle vault with the gilded roof was a first in Ottoman architecture with echoes of China and India. The sultan is reported to have had the custom to break his fast under this bower during the fasting month of ramadan after sunset.

Some sources mention this resting place as the ‘’Moonlit Seat’’. Special gifts like the showering of gold coins to officials by the sultan was also sometimes held here. The marbled terrace gained its current appearance during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim (1640-48).

This kameriye is thought that the Sultan waited for the breaking of the Ramadan fast here during Ramadan Months. Therefore, it is supposed to be called as İftariye (the place where one breaks the Ramadan fast). It is understood from the sources that the Sultan had been accepting the holiday congratulations of those from Enderun and watching the sport shows down in the festival ceremonies during the periods that overlapped with summer months.


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