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Arnavutköy, Beşiktaş, İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°04'03.9"N 29°02'42.0"E / 41.067754, 29.045011


The mosque, that is on the  Arnavutköy-Bebek road and has a view of Akıntıburnu, was built in 1832 by Sultan Mahmut II with the barracks (police station now) near it. Next to the historic police station is Tevfikiye Mosque. Since the Bosphorus current is at its strongest here, the mosque is also known as Akıntı Bumu (Cape of the Current) Mosque.

It is built over a basement floor, with masonry walls and a wooden roof. There is a portico, royal gallery and horologe room. This small mosque has a rectangle plan and single minaret. It is interesting that this mosque was built while very few Muslims were living here. It is likely that, during the 1821 Mora Rebellion, because of the Arnavutköy’s connection with Russia, Eflak and Boğdan; Sultan has built a mosque.

The mosque’s mihrab has two side-on Ionic capitals, with their bodies bordered by fluted wall sections. Its minaret, from cut stone, has a single balcony, and the skirt of its cone has a garland ribbon going around it.

This mosque was built by Sultan Mahmud II and given the name of his son, Şehzade (Prince) Tevfik. Its construction was completed in 1838. The Istanbul Cultural Inventory classifies the Hünkar Pavilion of the Tevfikiye Mosque as b being in the "Civic Architectural Civil Structures" group.


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