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Galata, Beyoğlu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'37.2"N 28°58'26.0"E / 41.027000, 28.973889


Our main building (Maison Madeleny, Şahkulu Street, No. 24) was built between 1881 and 1883. The first owner of the building was an Ottoman tradesman called Moise Matalon. On the insurance maps of 1891, the owner was recorded as “Mr. Andre Madeleny, who had a pharmacy at Grande Rue de Pera and sold orthopedic materials too. This is why we name after the main building “Maison Madeleny,” today.

The updated records after 1895 show the last owner of the house in the 19th century as Theodore Yannissopoulos, an Ottoman Greek citizen, who had other properties in the neighborhood of Galata.


Meroddi Pera Hotel serves as a boutique hotel since 2013, its 61 rooms in 7 historic buildings are located next to each other in the Şahkulu neighbourhood in Galata.
Today Hotel Meroddi Pera is the first and only hotel of its kind in the whole of Istanbul, working under the concept of “distributed hospitality.” Just a couple of minutes of walk from Şişhane underground station, the “distributed hospitality” concept we applied in Şahkulu Street helps the revitalisation of a whole 19th century street of Galata. Packed thoroughly with historic apartments, the street makes our guests feel like they are taking a step back in history.

Now, let’s have a look at the network of buildings of Hotel Meroddi Pera in the Şahkulu Street (and the adjacent Tımarcı Street).

The buildings in Şahkulu Street
Meroddi Pera Hotel – No:8 (7 rooms), Meroddi Pera Hotel – No:11 (1 flat), Meroddi Pera Hotel – No:12 (8 rooms), Meroddi Pera Hotel – No:13 (Main building) (10 rooms), Meroddi Pera Hotel – No:15 (3 flats), Meroddi Pera Hotel – No:16 -  (9 rooms), Meroddi Pera Hotel – No:18 (6 flats), Meroddi Pera Hotel – No:20 - (8 flats)

The buildings in Tımarcı Street
Meroddi Pera Hotel – No:3 (1 flat), No 3A is the Hezarfen Lokantası, where we offer mainly traditional Turkish cuisine, No 5A is the Galata Kahvehanesi, where we offer rich and varied selection of coffee and homemade cakes, Meroddi Pera Hotel – No:6 (1 flat)

Comfort Double Room, Deluxe Double Room, Superior Double Room, Deluxe King Room, Deluxe Twin Room, Deluxe Triple Room, Superior Triple Room, Grand Deluxe Room, Deluxe King Suite with Balcony, Standard Studio, Studio with Balcony, Economy Apartment, Deluxe Two Bedroom Apartment, Deluxe Two Bedroom Apartment with Sea View

Breakfast at Scalatta Restaurant with the undeniable charm of Turkish breakfast culture.


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