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Sirkeci, Fatih - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°00'49.2"N 28°58'35.1"E / 41.013661, 28.976409


Hotel Istanbul Hotel Ipek Palas is a special class hotel which is located in the old city and you can reach the historical places like Hagia Sophia Museum, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Topkapı Palace and Hippodrome within a few minutes walking distance.

Ipek Palas Hotel Istanbul was built as a hotel with Ottoman architechture in 1889 and witnessed a political history like Ottoman and Republic times with its capacity boosted in 1948. Istanbul Hotel Ipek Palas welcomes you in the lobby with shining entrance and impressive view is in the first place among the indispensables of the hotel. The Ottoman air which surrounds the lobby turns into a relaxing atmosphere in the rooms.

The hotel was built in 1889 and the beauty of the building and surrounding structures remains to this day. When the hotel was renovated in 1948, it didn’t lose its luxury but increased in the matter of capacity. This magnificent boutique hotel Istanbul is ideal for tourists visiting Istanbul for business or pleasure purposes.

Upon entering the Ipek Palace, you will immediately feel like you have stepped into the Ottoman era when everything was royal and luxurious. This is a classy, unique and elegant hotel which is located in the old city and you can view many famous monuments like the Sultanahmet mosque (also known as the Blue Mosque) and the Hagia Sophia museum. These best hotels in Istanbul have an ideal location and any guest staying with us can reach these destinations in a few minutes.


Economic Double Room, Economic Twin Room, Superior Double Room, Superior Triple Room, Superior Concept Rooms, Topkapı Palace Room, St. Sophia Room, Cappadoccia Room

Superior Suite Rooms
Hürrem Sultan Suite, Nurbanu Sultan Suite, Ephesus Suite

Padişah Restaurant, Payitaht Restaurant


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