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Galata, Beyoğlu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'37.2"N 28°58'24.4"E / 41.027000, 28.973444


As an early example of Western style multi-story apartments in Istanbul, Bağdatlıyan Residence was built between 1895 and 1905,  the property is located within the same Street “İlk Belediye St.” where Istanbul’s first Municipality “Sixth City Hall” in a westerner understanding, opened.

The residence was named after the first owner of the building, Ohannes Bağdatlıyan, who served as the director for the Bureau of Nationalities in the Ottoman Foreign Ministry.


Since the building is constructed by him, the name of the property persisted as “Bağdatlıyan Apartment” Meroddi Bağdatlıyan I is one of the best located properties in İlk Belediye St. where in 19th century the highest land prices achieved. Meroddi Bağdatliyan 1 is distanced 150 m away from Galata Towers and 200 m away from Istiklal St. Currently, Meroddi Bağdatlıyan“ is operating as 24 roomed, boutique hotel.

Right next to Meroddi Bağdatlıyan I, the building is added into Nar Investment Co.’s portfolio in 2014. Just like the first building, this building is also known as Bağdatlıyan Apartment. The difference between the other Bağdatlıyan Apartment is in this building there exist 2 flats in one floor in opposition to 1 flat in one floor as in Meroddi Bağdatlıyan I. Meroddi Bağdatlıyan II renovated in 2015 by protecting its historical and original identity and to be managed as 26 roomed boutique hotel with retail units.

Deluxe Queen Suite, Deluxe Queen Room, Deluxe King Room, Deluxe Twin Room, Deluxe Single Room

Edward Blacque Breakfast Room


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