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Sultanahmet, Fatih - Istanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°00'19.6"N 28°58'39.1"E / 41.005455, 28.977537

Vakiflar Carpets And Rugs Museum photo vakifrug_sultanahmet110.jpg


The Istanbul Carpet Museum (Vakıflar Halı Müzesi) is located in the Hünkar Kasrı of Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque) . It is a small building constructed in conjunction with the Sultanahmet Mosque between 1609-1617.

The two-story museum has a varied collection of carpets and rugs from the 14-19th centuries. The museums has unique pieces of old Ottoman rugs and kilims.

This museum is located in the Hünkar Kasrı (royal residence), which stands north of the Sultanahmet mosque (known as Blue Mosque) complex. Hunkar Kasrı was the place where the Sultan used to rest before he would join the prayer in the mosque.

The museum is installed in the Blue Mosque's imperial pavilion. The museum contains a fine collection of Usak, Bergama and Konya carpets dating from the 16th to the 19th century and has around 500 total pieces.

The best examples of 13th-20th century Turkish carpets are exhibited along the ramp, which is the entrance to the pavilion. They were also exhibited in the rooms where the Sultans used to rest. The carpets and kilims on display have been restored and are displayed in a contemporary fashion.


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