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Üsküdar - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'04.8"N 29°01'18.2"E / 41.018000, 29.021722

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The Atik Valide Sultan Bath House is right next to the Üsküdar Municipal Building on Üsküdar Square, Hakimiyet-i Milliye Avenue, which runs perpendicular to the seaside.  It also known as Nurbanu Valide Sultan Hamam, which takes the name from the founder. The hamam is built on Eski Topbaşı Road, which also gives another name to the bath, in Üsküdar.

The bath was built for providing income to the complex; however in many other examples in baths, the bath was sold to a private owner; is not belonging to the Waqf anymore. It is a part of a complex but physically it is independent from the complex.

For a long time it was used as a carpenter atelier, but then it was transformed into a bath again. There is no inscription but according to some sources it was built simultaneous with the complex in 1577-79, but according to M. Nermi Haskan's book on baths, it was built in 1583.

The Atik Valide Sultan Bath was known to be in ruins until 1985 and was restored in this year. For a long time it was used as a carpenter atelier, but then it was transformed into a bath again.The hamam is a small one among other Sinan baths. The authenticity is lost by many interventions. Basically, using the place as a carpenter atelier damaged the space. Later interventions, for covering the damaged walls are improper.

Today the bath is a colorful one with lack of original details. The dressing rooms are painted and covered with improper colors and imitative coverings. This causes the loss of bath comprehension. In women part, the original roof in the dressing part is lost and is capped by a reinforced concrete roofing.

This double bath, built for Nurbanu Validei Atik Sultan, was open for public use until 1917. Following its transfer to private ownership, it was restored and reopened as a shopping centre known as Mimar Sinan Çarsısı.

The western façade of the building was shaved off when the street was widened and during this process, the eastern section of the hamam was also torn down and a reinforced concrete structure added added to this part. The bath house is now open to visitors every day of the week except Sundays.

Located to the west of the complex, the baths are composed of a symmetrical arrangement of rectangular units along the northeast-southwest axis. Entered from the northeast, the dressing space is connected to the cold rooms. These are roofed in the center by domes with pendentives and on the sides by mirror vaults.

The hot rooms, located further to the southwest, are roofed by domes. The water storage unit is a rectangular, barrel-vaulted structure attached to the southwest side of the hot rooms. Following a period of use as a wood workshop, the bathes were renovated by the General Directorate of Religious Endowments. Today, the dressing spaces house shops.


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