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Şişli - Istanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°03'28.1"N 28°59'22.3"E / 41.057805, 28.989540

Etfal Hospital Clock Tower / Sisli - Istanbul photo etfal_clock104.jpg


Etfal Hospital Clock Tower, or Children’s Hospital Clock Tower (Turkish: Etfal Hastanesi Saat Kulesi), is a clock tower situated in the garden of the Hamidiye Etfal Hospital (now Şişli Etfal Hospital) in the Şişli district of İstanbul, Turkey at the European side of Bosphorus.

It was built in the memory of Hatice Sultan, the daughter of Sultan Abdülhamid II, who died when she was just 8 months old.

It was ordered by the Ottoman sultan Abdülhamid II (reigned 1876-1909) in the 19th century and constructed by the architect Mehmet Şükrü Bey. The 20 m (66 ft) tall structure is made of red bricks, marble and fine Hereke stone.

On the front face, the tughra of Sultan Abdülhamid II is put on. This clock tower was built in 1907, and is notable for also functioning as a minaret and a prayer room. It was restored in 2011, though its clock does not actually work.

The clock tower drawings were done by Raimondo D’Aronco. The Italian architect's original design was slightly modified and the clock tower was built in 1899 under the supervision of Mahmut Şükrü Bey. A porcelain clock with Roman as well as Arabic numbers was placed on top.

The clock tower, severely damaged due to wear and tear over the years was recently reconstructed with the assistance of Istanbul’s local Municipality.


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