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Kadıköy - Istanbul - Turkey

GPS : 40°59'39.2"N 29°01'34.3"E / 40.994222, 29.026194

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The Aziziye Hamam was built during the rule of the Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz in 1860. This historical structure is a classic example of 19th century Ottoman architectural style. It is designed as a double bath, consisting of two identical buildings, one being for women and the other for men, with seperate entrances.

Traditionally, Aziziye Hamam has hot, cool and steam rooms, the navel stone, dressing and resting rooms. Bath floors are tiled with Turkish marbles which has good heat distribution qualities. The boiler room was untouched, as opposed to most of the Turkish baths build during later, runs on firewood which changes the overall experience. The Aziziye Hamam is a classic example of 19th century Ottoman style. It was built in 1860 and designed as a double bath, one for men and the other for women.

The exterior is nothing to write home about but do not let this put you off as the inside of the hamam is to die for. Look out for the gorgeous tiling and the cleanliness of the bath. You need bring nothing with you as everything is provided. You are scrubbed by your own sex, so no discomfort needs be felt. All you need to worry about is how amazing you will feel afterwards.

The bathroom and sauna is located on the first floor, you pass through the shower and massage compartment and you wash yourself in the middle section. You then move onto the sauna area to soak your pores for around 10-15 minutes depending on how long you can last in the sauna! Once you’re out you wash yourself again to remove sweat and dead skin. Your masseuse will come and find out and then take you back to the first section to complete your scrub and massage.

This is the place to go to experience a traditional Turkish hamam, one that you’ll find the locals frequenting. As with everything in Turkey, there is no rushing you out of the door as soon as your experience is over, you are welcome to stay and relax and soak up the history. In fact linger and pour yourself with hot and cold water to your hearts content.


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