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Tophane, Beyoğlu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'34.2"N 28°58'49.6"E / 41.026167, 28.980444

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According to the history books he was originally from Italian Origin, once a slave on board a ship over which he eventually became Captain assuring his rise to fame and fortune. He was one of the 16th century’s Greatest Admirals who played a Key Role in The Ottoman Fleet’s Mediterranean Victories due to his keen intelligence and navigational skills.

Mimar Sinan the legendary Architect of that period was commissioned by “Kılıç Ali Paşa” to build the Hamam to withstand the ravages of the sea and time. The large light, Magnificient Dome above the Camegah (relaxation area) is 14 metres across and 17 metres high one of the largest single domes built by Sinan in 1583.

The sympathetic and painstaking restoration over 7 years retained many of the original features including the 2 doors leading from the reception and relaxation area into the warm areas.

The features of the Külhan (Chimney/exhaust), the leaded domes and the glass elephant eyes along with brick by brick repointing, original Kurnas and some carved stone and marble slabs found during excavation have been retained and used within the premises adding to its extreme historical beauty and interest.

The Hamam Ritual

"Scrub" without soap is performed by a man/woman called a Tellak/Natır. A technique that requires experience so that no ‘skin scrapes’ arise. Many of these families pass this tradition from father to son, and can trace their origins in this profession a long way.

The job is one performed with the attitude of honour and dignity, hence the great pride they have for doing the job exceptionally well and receiving a tip that demonstrates your approval and pleasure. Tellak/Natır will then rinse off with warm water and start the Köpük (bubbly soap wash). No massage is done so no joints are put under strain of any kind.

Relaxation and changing area. Large sofa’s tables and chairs allow Hamam guests to relax after their treatment in the serenity and splendour of this high domed area that receives and directs guests to their changing rooms and Hamam treatments.

The Hamam is used to restore energy and vitality to the body by reducing the toxins, and allowing the skin to breathe again. For some time after the treatment the body will continue to detox. It is the Cemagah area that allows you to sit, relax and enjoy the serenity of this building, drink, have a light snack before getting dressed and continuing your daily routine.

To compliment and complete our Hamam Complex, we have a Massage area where experienced professionals can give you a fabulous signature massage to leave you feeling well balanced and energetic.

The Cafe & Retail Shop
Offer local Turkish drinks and fresh daily snacks of the season, to restore your vitality before you continue your journey or visit our Hamam for a traditional treatment. We keep a limited range of items, many exclusive to us as they were made for our use in the Hamam. Interesting and useful, we hope to keep interest high with our minimalist approach allowing you to browse at leisure.


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