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Galata, Beyoğlu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'48.5"N 28°58'39.8"E / 41.030146, 28.977714



The building seen today was built in 1901 as the Soeurs Garde-Malades Apartment, where there had once been an outbuilding of the French Palace, reserved for the Franciscan nuns. After the years of occupancy, following the departure of the Levantines and Greek families, who used to be the residents of the apartment until the end of the 1920s, the structure faced destruction for many years to come, due to changing hands and neglect.

Tomtom Suites is an authentic Istanbul building whose posture reflects the social history of Pera from the 1850s to recent. Throughout history, this building was home for French nuns and some well-known Levantine families.


Appartement des Soeurs Gardes Malades. Tomtom Suites is located at Galata, the area which best represents the multi-cultural identity of Istanbul, one of the world’s biggest and most energetic metropol. Tomtom Suites is an oasis where elegance mixes with tranquility and history meets the 21st century. A witness to the last century of the Ottoman Empire’s capital city, Tomtom Suites’ story goes back to the 1850s.

When the neighborhood went through a major renovation at the beginning of the 2000s and thus became the city's cultural, artistic, entertainment and gourmet center. The building, as a result of the careful restoration faithful to its authenticity, obtained its fascinating appearance. Tomtom Suites opens its doors on a silent street of the city's most appealing area, and is more of a life style than a hotel.

Tomtom District is one of the most authentic spots of the old city, Beyoğlu; in walking distance to İstiklal Avenue. İstiklal Street has created countless fans with its monumental buildings, arcades, theaters, galleries and shops. Despite its central location and convenient accessibility, Tomtom Gardens still preserves its self-contained, calm and peaceful atmosphere due to the consulates, schools and gardens in the area.

Tomtom Gardens is comprised of 8 buildings, surrounding two courtyards. It is a mixed-use development project consisting of residential units, offices, art galleries, retail units. Tomtom Gardens is a “prime real estate” renovation project.

The first phase of Tomtom Gardens consists of three buildings, two of which are historical. These three buildings are surrounding a 450 sqm courtyard in the middle. This courtyard designed with inspiration by an Italian landscape architecture will be exclusive for use by Tomtom Gardens residents.

4 Standard, 5 Classic, 5 Deluxe, 5 Superior and 1 Luxury Suite of Tomtom Suites are all designed as spacious living and working environments. Every suite is furnished with custom made furniture and the architectural features of the building are preserved through high ceilings and solid wooden floors. The soft and natural colors that identify contemporary design are enriched with modern and traditional works of art such as prints, paintings, handmade rugs and ceramics which project each room’s unique character.


Contemporary mediterranean cuisine served at a chic terrace with a magnificent view of the Old Town, Prince Islands and beyond.

To make your special moments memorable, or to make a good impact on your clients with a business dinner, Nicole Restaurant’s terrace offers a perfect setting.

The Art of Dining and Wine, La Mouette, Bistro


The library located at the ground floor of Tomtom Suites has a collection that will please those who wish to grasp the mysteries of Istanbul. The books about the city's historical and cultural legacy, tourist attractions, as well as a variety of books on Turkish traditional arts await the book lovers in a calm and relaxing environment. With the addition of computer access, a comprehensive multilingual DVD archive and a fine selection of classical music and jazz CDs, this delightful library may be the starting point of your journey.


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