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Beyoğlu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'50.6"N 28°58'32.8"E / 41.030722, 28.975778


The Ravouna Building was built in the Art Nouveau period by Alexandre D. Neocosmos Yenidunia and C.P. Kyriakides who have their signature on quite a few other buildings built during the same period in Istanbul. The Ravouna Building, as an antique boutique and home for the Italian Ravouna Family in 1894 and built during 1901-1906 together with A.D. Yenidunia is one of the two best preserved Art Nouveau buildings in Beyoğlu.

Both Alexandre D. Neocosmos Yenidunia and C.P. Kyriakides were born and educated in Istanbul. They graduated from Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi which is todays Mimar Sinan University.

The names of the architects can be seen on the building as well as the letters RF for Ravouna Family. Kyirakides designed the building and Greek architect Yenidunia designed the wooden interiors and accessories as an antique shop. Another writing found on the building is G. & RFL Michelini Enterpreneurs represents the Italian enterpreneurs who undertook the production of the building. Kyrikides worked in Istanbul until 1922 when he immigrated to Athens.

Ravouna 1906 serves keeping the historical soul. With elegant decorations in the foreground plant motifs were commonly used as can be seen on the exterior of the Ravouna Building. As a reaction to the academic art, art nouveau suggested being new and modern as opposed to the idea of the revival of ancient techniques adopted during the 19th century. Art Nouveau has affinities with the symbolist styles and has many different names in other countries.

It is not known for sure when the Ravouna Family left the building. It is said that after thay left it was used as a bookstore. It has changed hands many times and has been use as a jewellery store in recent years.


At present it is in service as Ravouna 1906 Suites and Ravouna Coffee and Bar. The building is a second degree listed historical building.

The 8 suites located on 4 floors have been redesigned to maintain their original style in 8 different colors and textures. The rooms are decorated with vivacious furniture and especially woven fabric. These rooms are equipped with kitchenettes and dining tables and have specially designed sofa beds for parties of 2 or more.

The rooms are decorated with the warmth of oak especially on the floors and the antique appearance of Carrera Marble in the bathrooms together with the light of the color white. In the rooms there are custom towels and robes of Turkish origin embroidered with the name Ravouna.

Ravouna 1906 Coffe & Bar which set out to serve the best espresso in town is a bustling and vigorous meeting point. The best quality green coffee beans are meticulously chosen from all around the World and roasted on the premises.

Dishes from the Ottoman Empire and todays Turkish Cusine can be found on our menu.

You can snack on healthy cookies, cakes, protein bars and stay healthy, guilt-free and satisfied.

Located on the 7th floor of Ravouna 1906 on Istiklal Street, our spacious rooftop bar and lounge overlooks the spectacular view of the Bosphorus, historic peninsula, including Hagia Sophia and Topkapı Palace and offers delicious food, cocktails, extensive wine list and music under stars. Ravouna 1906 Terrace is also available for private functions.


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