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Emirgan Grove, Sarıyer - Istanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°06'33.8"N 29°03'10.5"E / 41.109374, 29.052905

Beyaz Pavilion / Emirgan, Sariyer - Istanbul photo beyazkosk_emirgan119.jpg


The White Pavilion (Turkish: Beyaz Köşk) is the third mansion within the Emirgan Park built by Khedive Ismail Pasha. It is only 150 m (490 ft) far from the Yellow Pavilion. The two-storey wooden building bears the architectural characteristics of the neo-classical style. The White Pavilion is one of the three pavilions that Khedive İsmail Paşa commissioned at the Emirgan Woods between 1871 and 1878.

The Emirgan Park is closely associated with the tulip, the traditional flower, which gave its name to an era (1718-1730) of the Ottoman Empire. A special garden was established in Emirgan Park in the 1960s to revive the city's tradition of tulip cultivation. Since 2005, an annual international tulip festival is organized here every April making the park attractive and very colorful with these flowers.

The historic pavilion has a top floor with three rooms and a parlor and a bottom floor with 4 rooms, a kitchen and an entrance hall. The fine floral ornaments on the ceilings of the White Pavilion, the oil paintings and the ornaments on the façade are some of the most typical specimens of Turkish wood carving. The high ceilings feature rich hand drawings. Pomegranate blossoms, roses, carnations, jasmines and tulips decorate the walls and the ceilings are gilded.

For many years, the White Pavilion served as a hunting lodge, a picnic site, a resort and a guest house. The Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey ran the historic pavilion as a restaurant and cafe for a while. The Municipal Government of Istanbul renovated the pavilion in 1996 -1997.

The White Kiosk continues to host the people of Istanbul as well as domestic and foreign tourists as a restaurant and café run by Beltur A.Ş., a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The cafeteria is used as a cafeteria during the daytime, and as a restaurant in the evenings as it serves the Turkish Ottoman cuisine.


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