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Beyoğlu - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'07.3"N 28°58'49.0"E / 41.035361, 28.980278

Haci Abdullah Restaurant / Beyoglu - Istanbul photo abdullah_restaurant116.jpg


A century old history of Hacı Abdullah Restaurant is the continuance of “Ahi Community”. Generally the history of such deep rooted establishments witnesses management passing from father to son or management passing into other hands by being acquired by other companies. But for Hacı Abdullah Restaurant, neither is true. The journey of Hacı Abdullah that began in 1888 had continued by the restaurant being passed from the master to the apprentice.

In the last periods of the Ottoman Empire, a restaurant named “Abdullah Efendi” was opened in the "Karaköy Pier”. The business license of this restaurant is personally given by “Sultan Abdülhamid II”. Official and private groups that visit Istanbul on behalf of their countries were welcomed in “Abdullah Efendi”. And in 1915, "Abdullah Efendi Restaurant" was carried from "Karaköy Pier" to "Beyoğlu". And the restaurant continues its service in the ground floor of “Rumeli Han” located on “Istiklal Street”.

Throughout this period, “Abdullah Efendi” was again passed from the master to the apprentice. Back in 1940, after welcoming many foreign and local guests in its place in "Rumeli Han" for 25 years, again as a result of ”Master-Apprentice” style change of management "Abdullah Efendi" was moved to street that the heart of Turkish cinema beats, "Bursa Street" and "Ahududu Street" with its old name and "Sadri Alışık Street" with its new name.

And it takes the name “Hacı Salih”. In the restaurant that offers all the characteristics of Ottoman-Turkish Cuisine without compromising from quality under the name of both “Abdullah Efendi” and “Hacı Salih” moved to its current location in 1958, to “Sakızağacı Street” near “Ağa Mosque”.

"Hacı Salih” that the restaurant is named after continued the tradition and handed over the management to the “apprentices" he trained, in other words “the hard workers” of service, "the new masters". The name "Hacı Salih" that reflects the pride and beauty of quality and service was changed as a result of an official procedure. As a result the official requirements in 1983, the name changed back to its name in 1888. And the restaurant took back its original name "Hacı Abdullah".

It is possible to make sure that our restaurant that is opened with the official permit of Sultan Abdülhamid II preserves the same “flavor” since then from the things that the Ottoman family members, who made us proud by visiting our restaurant as the continuance of their family who eat in our restaurant 90 years ago, wrote in our book of honor.

The tradition followed in “Hacı Abdullah” is a copy of the one in "Ahi Community" that is about to be forgotten nowadays. That's all for what we can tell, but our service is limitless. We would be pleased if you come and be our guest. Wishing to meet in this spectacular atmosphere of the past...


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