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Dolmabahçe, Beşiktaş - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'28.5"N 29°00'14.5"E / 41.041249, 29.004029


A large portion of the collection contains the tools, equipment and machinery used as modern technology of the era, in the palaces, mansions and pavilions built during the Industrial Revolution period. In this group, there are the products produced of different materials and with different knowledge, which give information about the daily life and production technologies of the past, and show the invention-inventor-designer-manufacturer and vendor links.

The large collection containing a wide variety of products from stove to agricultural spraying instrument, from telegraph machine to projection device, from massage devices to dental unit, from cooking pot to washing machine has rare samples of the industrial design in the period of Ottoman Empire after 1850 and early Republican period. These articles, tools and machinery met with curiosity and used with excitement by the people of the palaces in the palace life are interesting as the first of many products that today we use in our daily lives.

Selections From The Collection

Ceramic Stove
Rococo decorations on the white ceramic surfaces, colored with gilt and pink colors, are available as bas-relief. Pink-color is applied to the corner transmissions. At the upper right side, there is a pulling cord and a ventilation handle in the form of metallic rod, which is not available today. The stove with an acroterium at its top has a semicircular arched cover placed at the front, in the lower furnace part.

It is Paul Mall London brand. It magnifies 10 x 10 cm twin photographic images as on glass or printed on paper, and shows them to the viewer in three dimensions through its lens. It has been designed in such a way as to enable three people to see the photos at the same time. Placed on at the both sides in it, there are two accordions connected with the turning levers at the outside, and 75 photos can be placed in order at each side. When the symmetrically placed handles seen at the upper part is turned once, the photograph strip is turned once as well and consequently, the image is changed. It was used in the period of Sultan Abdülhamid II, who was highly interested in photos.


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