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Dolmabahçe, Beşiktaş - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'28.5"N 29°00'14.5"E / 41.041249, 29.004029


Crystal chandeliers and candle holders constitute the most important group of the Lighting Instruments Collections. Besides the crystal works, with a variety of lighting tools like other chandeliers, candle holders, lamps, wall fixture, bracket, lantern and small lamps containing the characteristic of the style and decoration of the period, the collection covers a quite large scope. In Dolmabahçe Palace and Beylerbeyi Palace, the lighting is provided with crystal chandeliers and candle holders which were the art works of the glass producers of 19th century.

The political atmosphere of the period, the commercial treaties, the international exhibitions organized by England and France, played an important role for the entry of said technological and art pieces to the Ottoman palaces. In Dolmabahçe Palace, English crystal chandeliers of a large dimension exist in Mabeyn and Muayede Salons. Beylerbeyi Palace constructed under Sultan Abdülaziz (1861-1876), looks like a crystal museum with its colorful crystal chandeliers and candle holders that are products of French Baccarat.

On the other hand the Italian glass Murano, though losing its former power and importance in 19th century, with the elegant examples finds its way in the collection. In silver art works that constitute an important part of the Lighting Instruments Collections, candle holders and lanterns embroidered on behalf of Pertevnival Valide Sultan, the mother of Sultan Abdülaziz, are highlighted as works of art for sultanate. In the period of Sultan II. Abdülhamid (1876-1909), Tamirhane-i Humayun that was working in Yıldız Palace produced two candle holders with a stem that are shown as the Ottoman products, among the rare and precious works of art of the colelction.

With the construction of Dolmabahçe Palace, besides the works of art ordered and bought in the period of Sultan Abdülmecid (1839-1861), with the English and French-Baccarat crystals bought in the period of Sultan Abdülaziz, during the reign of Sultan Abdülhamid II (1876-1909), with the the works of art bought according to the local taste and preference from the foreign commerçants working in the Ottoman Empire and entered into the Palace as presents, the collection grew richer.

Selections From The Collection

Crystal Chandelier-1
In the Muayede Salon with 56 column, exceeding 2000 square meter where exchange of greetings during religious holidays were taking place, at the splendid dome with a height of 36 meter, the chandelier of 4,5 ton, with 454 lighting candles hanging from a pyramidal glass construction under the roof, as a unique work of art highlighting the esthetic and technological features of the period, is one of the most precious art works in Dolmabahçe Palace and National Palaces.

Crystal Chandelier-2
This chandelier is produced in the period before the beginning of the use of electricity as the power source in lighting. Since gas was used as the fuel element, this belongs to the group named as "Chandelier of Gas Period". Later, after the installation of electricity in the palace, the lighting was ensured by electrical bulbs. The chandelier is made of transparent crystal unities of highest quality, gathered on the main conveyor bar. On various sized crystal branches that mount on narrow threes steps, with 60 decorative lanterns decorated with engraving technology, it carries the role of lighting with 60 electric bulbs.


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