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Dolmabahçe, Beşiktaş - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'28.5"N 29°00'14.5"E / 41.041249, 29.004029


Dolmabahçe Palace Calligraphy Art and Writing Sets Collection cover works of art such as; calligraphy frames, writing sets, seals, emblems, marks and lockets, maps and table rings. The most important frames within Dolmabahçe Palace Calligraphy Collection, is the calligraphy art with Sultan Abdülmecid  (1839-1861) name. Sultan Abdülmecid, learned calligraphy art from Mehmed Tahir Efendi, the student of Mahmud Celaleddin who was a school and he got authorization.

The frames that he wrote by Arabic script exist in the collection. We possess also the frames belonging to the last caliph Abdülmecid Efendi, a member of the empire, known also by his keenness for art. Again, there exist tablets written by Yesari-zade Mustafa İzzet Efendi, Sheik Mehmed Abdülaziz Rıfai, Şefik Bey, who were among the most famous calligrapher of the period.

In National Palaces Calligraphy Art and Writing Sets Collection, the Writing Sets occupy a quite larger place. Writing sets, generally are formed of pen-case with inkwell, pen, sandbox, inkpot, clippers, pen-knife, scissors and blotter.

In the collection, the crystal, metal and casting writing sets exist. The writing set carrying Sultan Abdülhamid II. (1876-1909)  sultan's signature and inkpot, the writing set with "AH" initials  (the first letters of Sultan Abdülhamid), a writing set presented to Sultan Reşad (1909-1918) during his visit to Salonika, are among the precious objects of the collection.

We can see that the seal of Ottoman Parliament found on the casting writing sets, after the foundation of TBMM, is used by Arabic letters as "TBMM". The changes undergone by the seals found on the casting writing sets, are at the same time, the examples of the changes in our political history and the memories of those days.

Selections From The Collection

It is written on black ground in zerendud style and with Arabic script. On the tablet, "Kullema dahale aleyha Zekeriyya el-mihrab" is written that is known also as verse of mihrab. Dating of 1282 hegira (1865-66) the tablet is signed of "Ketebehu Abdülmecid bin Mahmud Han". It has a frame with a sheet whose sideline is decorated with botanical motifs. It measures 84 x 41 cm.

Writing Set
The French writing set is formed of nine pieces as a pair of crystal inkpot, blotter, pen handles, pen-knife, envelope, letter openers and seal. The gilding brass part, in empire style is decorated botanical motifs. On the lids of inkpot there exist armorial bearings. The inside of the case of leather, is covered by silk and velvet tissue.


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