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Kanlıca, Beykoz - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°06'10.4"N 29°04'00.4"E / 41.102884, 29.066789


A distinguished boutique Hotel A'jia is a traditional Ottoman mansion that jewels the Asian shores of the Bosphorus. With well appointed contemporary interior design, and its centuries old architecture the venue oozes trend and excitement. When you add the extraordinary attention to detail, individualized service and HIP aspect in the mix, hotel experiences is simply redefined.

The A'jia is located in the Asiatic part of Istanbul, on the shores of the Bosphorus, stands a renovated mansion, former residence of an Ottoman governor. Its whiteness contrasts with the intense blue of the sea over which it rests, as well as the exuberant verdant surroundings that serve as a background.

Ahmet Rasim Paşa Yalısı was built at the end of the 19th century. Although the architect of the building is not known, the ampiric style and the era it belongs to leads to the allegation that it must be the work of Balyan family.

The yalı is named after Ahmet Rasim Paşa (1826-1897). Having lived during the regency of Sultan Abdülaziz and Sultan Abdülhamid, Ahmet Rasim Paşa served various governships such as Yanya, Tuna, Trabzon, Aydın until he was appointed as Istanbul Şehremini’s mayor, police chief in 1878. Later, he was sent to the governship of Tripoli where he served for 13 years until his death in 1897.

After it was burnt down, the yalı was rebuilt in 1898 to be sold to the Istanbul Municipality by Ahmet Rasim’s family. Following the Turkish War of Independence, it functioned as the 36th elementary school of the new Turkish Republic until 1970.


In 2002 the restorations began to turn the building into a hotel. Since year 2005, A'jia Hotel has been hosting guests from all around the world in this historical mansion with its contemporary interior design.

A'jia Hotel is a boutique hotel with an impressive atmosphere, of interiors with minimalist inspiration and influences from the beginning of the 19th century, in which peace and tranquillity reign. There are 16 rooms, offering modern and luxurious design, as well as marvellous views of the Bosphorus. With its 16 rooms that feature breathtaking scenes from the Bosphorus, A'jia truly offers a private hideaway with easy access to historical and cultural attractions of the city.

Contributing to overall experience of its valued guests, each room is a delight to discover as they are uniquely designed, furnished and equipped with all the latest gimmicks and amenties belending in perfectly with the timeless elegance of the 1800's. The Ajia restaurant is an exlusive venue with a gusto that is happy duel any "gourmet" to perfection. And private events are a treat, with unique approach in offering exqusitive menus and creative ideas.

16 - room boutique hotel with luxury and modern designed rooms in an 1870's pavillion setting : 10 Deluxe Rooms; including 5 rooms with private balcony.
6 Deluxe Suites; including 3 with Mezzanine Floors.

10 of the Deluxe Rooms and all the Suites have direct view of the Bosphorus. Non-smoking rooms and one handicapped room is also available.

Deluxe Rooms
Deluxe Park Room, Waterfront Deluxe Room, Bosphorus Deluxe Room, Bosphorus Terrace Room

Mezzanine Deluxe Suite, Bosphorus Deluxe Suite, Bosphorus Pasha Room


Restaurant Outdoor, Bar Outdoor, Restaurant Indoor, A Lounge, Private Room 4, Private Room 9


WEB SITE : A'jia Hotel İstanbul

Phone : +90 216 413 9300
Fax : +90 216 413 9355

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