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Sultanahmet, Fatih - Istanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°00'48.8"N 28°59'09.1"E / 41.013556, 28.985861

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As it is already known, Turkish Kitchen is one of the richest kitchens in the world like Chinese and French Cuisines. According to the researches of the former manager of Topkapı Palace Museum , Tahsin Öz and scientists, it is known that the variety of Turkish meals is more than 2500. When looked inside past tracts - “risale” - are found. However, Turkish Cuisine has a tenet transferred from generation to generation and life style is coming from very old times.

Old big imperials that had lived in Anatolia had brought their cuisine cultures while bringing their own cultures. Synthesis of the cultures and customs of Mongolians came from Asia and crusades from Europe had come into life in Anatolia. Turkish clans who had first come to Anatolia from Asia , then had gone to Rumeli had mixed these savings with old customs. There is not only this historical evolution but also Anatolia 's own culture and geography.

It may be difficult to talk about Turkish cuisine and its various aspects before thoroughly studying oldest cradle of the world civilization and this bridge connecting the continents. Therefore, we should take a brief bird's-view glance at Anatolia, the Asia Minor bearing the core of the world's history of civilization.

Big empires, while coming to this land with their original cultures and heritages, certainly brought along their culinary cultures, too. The Mongolian troops repeatedly coming from Anatolia from Asia, Romans' and Crusaders' campaigns from Europe brought their cultures, mores and customs. Meanwhile, the Turkish tribes from Asia, moving first to Anatolia and then to the Balkans, contributed to integrate all of the aforesaid old civilizations.

In addition to this historical change and development was the geography of Anatolia . This unique Anatolian culture and geography undoubtedly had a great influence in the forming of the nature of Turkish Cuisine. Another special endowment of this land is the privilege of simultaneously having regions with all the four seasons. This enriches the land with all kinds of fruit and vegetables requiring different seasons, throughout the year. Also big lakes and rivers of the land contribute to this abundance.

Grand father Hacı Ahmet Doyuran who had moved to Istanbul from Doğanbey, county of Konya in 1895, established a cook shop in 1897 under the name of “Konya Lezzet Lokantası” in Sirkeci, district of Istanbul which consisted of four tables and sixteen chairs. Afterwards, he assigned the management of the restaurant to his son-in-law, Mustafa Doğanbey.

Konyalı Lezzet Lokantası (Konyalı Taste Restaurant) had been known as a representative of hygiene and taste within a short period of time and become the first in minds for serving Istanbul cuisine. After the 1940s the fame of Konyalı spread throughout Turkey as a result of Nurettin Doğanbey's (grandson of Hacı Ahmet Doyuran) endeavors. It became one of the most famous places that kings, queens and stars have visited to this date.

Today, the restaurant is managed by the fourth generation, Mehmet Eren Doğanbey, and since its establishment, it had been visited by queens, kings, stars and presidents from all around the world foremost Atatürk, the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, former President of Pakistan Benazir Butto and former President of the USA Richard Nixon between 1924 and 2006.

Konyalı Restaurant inside of Topkapı Palace was founded in 1967 to promote Turkish Cuisine to foreigners who visited Turkey. Success of Konyalı Topkapı Palace is not only promotion of Turkey but also income of foreign currency. Konyalı Topkapı Palace Restaurant is the place that has been visited by the most number of presidents, kings, queens, empires and stars inside and outside of Turkey for years and it is a record.

Restaurant that is closed on Tuesdays and has a unique Bosphorus view serves not only tastes of Traditional Turkish Cuisine but also a rich dessert menu. It opens everyday except on Tuesdays from 08:30 to 16:30. You can taste Traditional Turkish Cuisine meals like tandır (low temperature oven baked baby lamb), beğendili kebab (aubergine caviar with lamb meat), stuffed lamb and vegetables with olive oil in Konyalı Topkapı Palace Restaurant while watching magnificent view.

Konyalı Restaurant which has been serving Traditional Turkish Cuisine performed on a wide geography for 40 years and has also the mission of transferring the culture of this geography to new generations. Restaurant serves not only the tastes of Traditional Turkish Cuisine like tandır - low temperature oven baked baby lamb, beğendili kebab, aubergine caviar with lamb meat, stuffed but also a rich dessert menu.


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