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Kabataş, Beşiktaş - İstanbul - Turkey

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Moving in the 19th Century from Topkapı Palace to their new magnificent palaces in the Bosphorus, the Ottoman Sultans literally started the history of Feriye, built then as a precinct. As the terminus of the new palatial area extending from Beşiktaş to Ortaköy with Dolmabahçe and Çırağan Palaces, Feriye is actually an embodiment of the interesting architectural features peculiar to its age.

Established as Feriye Police Station, the history goes back to 2nd half of 19th century. When Ottoman Sultans began to move from Topkapı Palace to magnificent palaces on the Bosporus coast, Feriye Police Station's story started. It is accepted as one of the rare examples of Ottoman Architecture.

Further to the restoration carried out in 1995 by Kabataş High School Foundation, Feriye Complex has become an exceptional spot to make you meet the past on the Bosphorus. Once a 19th century Ottoman police station, Feriye constitutes one of the rare examples of 19th century classical Ottoman architecture. While taking us to past, Feriye also brings us modern taste alongside its Ottantic kitchen. This post-modern understanding opens to a universal dimension.


"Feriye Karakolu", which is located within the Feriye Palaces complex, built in the second half of 19th century, has been restored with the contributions of Sabancı Foundation. The building is commissioned in 1995 as Kabataş High School Educational Foundation Sabanci Cultural Complex for educational and cultural purposes.

The usage rights of the Cultural Complex is 12.311 square meters of area and it has a closed area of 6.086 square meters. Inside the Complex, there is Cahit Kocaömer Library with 40,000 books, 3 movie theaters, each with 400-seat capacity, music rooms, each with 40-person capacity, for musical studies, special days and functions, and a kindergarten with a capacity of 55 children.

Kabataş High School Educational Foundation Sabancı Cultural Complex provides service with its 120-person Feyyaz Tokar Restaurant, ideal for special occasions, 100-person Garden Restaurant and 6 meeting rooms convenient for national and international meetings.


Kitchen of Feriye
At Feriye, while serving the synthesis of updates traditional Turkish and Ottoman kitchen, we put a great amount of attention to use natural food. Due to this purpose our menus change according to season.

Feriye Cuisine
Serving an up-to-date synthesis of traditional Turkish and Ottoman cuisine, Feriye Restaurant develops its menus according to the season, procuring only traditional, natural foodstuffs and carefully preserving the classic flavors.

Another classic, this time of 19th century Ottoman architecture, the restaurant’s venue at the former Feriye ‘Karakol’ or Police Station takes its Bosphorus guests on a nostalgic journey into the past. Simultaneously, it takes its authentic cuisine, designed to appeal to modern palates, into a universal dimension through a post-modern approach.

Feriye Restaurant offers its customers the experience and expertise born of a return to Ottoman cuisine that began in Turkey about fifteen years ago by serving dishes based on historical research and scholarly findings. Feriye Restaurant draws up its menus based on seasonal considerations, using only natural and naturally grown foodstuffs. For seasonal planning of menus is the first principle of authentic cuisine. In complete fidelity to traditional methods of preparation, time-honored recipes from the 12th-14th or the 19th century are offered in a contemporary approach.

Our menu, for example, includes not only ‘pastırma’ (spicy cured beef) wrapped in vine leaves, but also ‘mantı’ (filled pockets of dough) in butter and fish stuffed with pignolia nuts served with pepper sauce, all of which hark back to mythological methods of food preparation. Other specialties, based on 15th century techniques, include grilled turbot with saffron and courgette balls served with raspberry puree.

Eating habits around the world have always varied with time and place. We have therefore adapted Ottoman and Byzantine cooking methods to today’s tastes.

For example, while fatty meat was valued in Ottoman times, today we prefer our meat lean. While the use of oil extracted from the fatty tail of the sheep was once considered de rigueur for its flavor and nutritional value, today even butter is being passed over in favor of olive and other liquid oils. But these trends are no obstacle to the use of traditional methods, many of which we are still discovering. And even though these methods may entail higher costs, any restaurant that offers fine dining is compelled to make the sacrifice.

With a menu based largely on Istanbul classics, Feriye Restaurant also offers gastronomes the perennial favorites of Turkey’s many regional cuisines--the wild herbs of the Aegean, a Southeast Anatolian classic like ‘sürkebzet’, and walnut paste and carob molasses, to name just a few. The dishes of the regions that made up the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century are of paramount importance for Feriye Restaurant.

The Feriye Facilities
Offering a variety of different venues suitable for everything from business meetings of 20 people to conferences of 400, Feriye Restaurant in summer hosts a wide range of events for up to 2000 people on its terrace overlooking the Bosphorus. And our outside catering group, which aims to provide boutique service, can organize sit-down dinners for up to 1500 people.

For Your Meetings
If you’d like to put on something special for your business meetings, seminars and conferences, you can make use of Feriye’s private meeting rooms. Capable of hosting events of all kinds from a business meeting for 20 to a gathering of 400, Feriye Restaurant can entertain crowds of up to 2000 in summer on its terrace overlooking the Bosphorus.

Hamdi Saver Meeting Room, Foyer Of Hamdi Saver Meeting Room, Feyyaz Tokar Meeting Room, Adnan Barlas Meeting Room, Pink Room, Blue Room, Green Room

For Special Occasions
Celebrate those special occasions you want to remember forever in Feriye’s extraordinary ambience with the magnificent landscape of the Istanbul Bosphorus as a backdrop. It is a pleasure for us to serve you and your friends on your special occasions with our superb menus and experienced personnel.

And our outside catering group, which aims to provide boutique service, can organize sit-down dinners for up to 1500 people.

A La Carte Restaurants
Serving in two separate venues for summer and winter, Feriye A la Carte Restaurant can serve dinner for up to 400 and cocktails for up to 1000 persons in summer, and dinner for up to 60 and cocktails for up to 120 persons in winter.

Feriye Cafe
Located inside the Kabataş Culture Center, Feriye Café offers a splendid view of the Bosphorus and the historic Feriye Palace in a contemporary architectural setting. A full café-bar and restaurant open throughout the day, Feriye Café is a venue tailor-made for art lovers and cinema buffs for its proximity to the Feriye Movie Theater.

Feriye Bar
An inseparable part of Feriye Restaurant, Feriye Bar offers a select café menu all day long and special refreshments at tea-time throughout the summer months. You can also watch the sunset over Seraglio Point or the moonrise over Çamlıca Hill from Feriye Bar, where our distinguished guests enjoy music and the inimitable Istanbul silhouette before dinner.


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