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Eminönü, Fatih - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'00.0"N 28°58'25.6"E / 41.016666, 28.973786


The Hidayet Mosque located on Yalı Köşkü Street in Istanbul’s Eminönü district, was built in 1813 (Islamic Calendar 1229) under Sultan Mahmud II. Originally of wood construction, it was reconstructed by the French architect Alexander Vallaury in 1887 under the direction of Sultan Abdülhamid II, as described by the inscription on the entrance to the courtyard.

Hidayet Mosque was built for Sultan Mahmud II (1808-1839) in 1813 from in wood. When it was entered from the South side, on the threshold gate is the inscription written with the lettering of Yesarizade Mustafa Izzet, When the wooden mosque built for Sultan Mahmud II had become ruined time, the mosque was rebuilt for Sultan Abdülhamid II (1876-1909) in 1887 in its today’s outlook.

The design of the two-story mosque can be described as Orientalist. There are two large pointed-arch windows on the Eastern and Western sides of the mosque and 21 windows in the dome. The mosque built over 500 m2 appears as a two-floor building it its original. Stairs lead to the second floor, where there is a prayer room and a domed sanctuary.

The mosque built over 500 m2 appears as a two-floor building it its original. The last section is the main praying space. Its design is close to square. There is the room fort he imam in the symmetry of the steps to upstairs. The main space is in square design. There are two large operable windows on itse ast and west walls and the mosque is illuminated with 21 windows situated on the dome.


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