Friday, December 7, 2018


Kantarcılar, Fatih - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'07.1"N 28°57'57.4"E / 41.018639, 28.965944


Kantarcılar Mescidi, the mescit, or small mosque, of the Scale-Makers, named after the guild whose artisans have had their workshops in this neighbourhood for centuries. This mosque was founded during Fatih’s reign by Sarı Demirci Mevlana Mehmet Muhittin. It has since been reconstructed several times and is of little interest except for its great age.

One of the oldest mosques in İstanbul, the Kantarcılar Masjid was built in the second half of the 15th century. Kadızade Mehmet Efendi turned the masjid into a mosque by adding a pulpit in 1688. After being restored between 1848 and 1895, the mosque lost its unique features.


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