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Draman, Fatih - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°01'43.9"N 28°56'38.7"E / 41.028870, 28.944077

Yunus Bey, the translator (Dragoman) of Sultan Süleyman, had Architect Sinan build the Draman Mosque in 1541, which is 200 m far from Fethiye Mosque. It is said that after the death of Yunus Bey, his brother Mustafa Bey had the mosque completed to measurements of 13.57 x 12 m. It is single vaulted.

The inscription on the mosque is the work of Ebussuud Efendi, Sheikh ul-islam of the Ottoman Sultanate. The lodge lost its features during the restoration works held after the fire of 1729 and later it was called Sheikh Isazade. It was rebuilt by Sultan Mustafa III in 1764. The mosque, having been repaired many times for different reasons, was used continually until the abolishment of the lodges in 1925.

The Mosque received fire damage in 1729 and repaired by Sultan Ahmet III in the same year. It was restored in 1746 by a decree from Sultan Osman III, and once again in 1873 by Sultan Abdülaziz. During the 1985 restoration, the upper structure was renewed as a masonry dome. The portico has been enclosed; the fountain is not original either. The courtyard of the Mosque is now used by the Fatih Müftülüğü Tercüman Yunus Kuran Kursu, for religious studies.


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